Thursday, September 27, 2012

Outfit no. 4

Dress, belt, and jacket: F21, necklace: Primark, shoes: ASOS

For the bloody life of me, I cannot sort out how to take a full-body photo of myself that's in focus. How hard can it be? REALLY HARD, apparently. To be fair to myself I am dealing with a self-timer here and I still have no idea how to make my camera do exactly what I want it to do, even after reading the manual cover to cover, so please keep in mind my incompetence and don't be too offended by these blurry photos. One day I'll sort it out (or will I).

Turns out these tights I got from Primark are the not same as the tights I got last fall, which were way better and not weirdly shiny. I feel like I'm meant to be doing some sort of dance/gymnastic routine with these shiny tights! Ugh get them away. Weirdly unflattering too, but I'm way too lazy to actually change tights and then take more photos. Grumble.

Here's a story for you. I got this necklace at Primark back in London, and loved it so much I wore it pretty much every day before I hopped on a plane to America. Tragically, when I dug around in my bag o' jewelry in search of it for my welcome home party, I discovered that my beloved Primark necklace had broken on the flight, and all the little bits were scattered amongst my jewelry. Trauma! I made a forlorn post about it on twitter, and people offered to buy one for me as a replacement... but before any of those punks could follow up, Shaun went and got one, mailed it across the Pond, and included a bag of Haribo Starmix! SHAUN IS THE BEST! Nobody, I mean nobody, can compete. So let's just end it right now. Shaun, you win the Coolest Person Ever Competition and I shall bestow it upon you in the form of an internet high-five. HIGH-FIVE.

And now on to Life News. I had a job interview yesterday, and I think it would actually be a really good fit for me in terms of the work itself and the hours, plus the guy who interviewed me was super nice, so fingers crossed! I would sure love to go shopping for fall clothes as well as get a dog (at last), and a paycheck will help accomplish those dreams. And speaking of dreams, I've been trying to write a bit every day, even if it's difficult to get the words to come. It's important to stay in the habit, even if I feel like I just typed out a pile of absolute rubbish. One can always go back and edit, amirite? RIGHT? *quiet sobbing*

Welp. It's time to each lunch. Even though there's no tortellini in our salads today. Just chicken. Why didn't we buy two bags of tortellini at Smith's? Salad lessons. Life lessons.


Sara said...

Meg you look beautiful & you have amazing friends! I really hope you get the job!!

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