Monday, September 3, 2012

Wot's all this then?

A fitting end to my adventures in London: a photo with the most adorable fixtures in the city, London police! I don't know what it is exactly about British cops, but they are super hawt and I get really excited whenever I see a pair of them strolling past, their hands tucked into their vests, little checkered caps or old-timey helmets just so. It could have something to do with Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz, but it's mostly gotta be the hats. Those hats are just beyond amazing.

This was taken after a long day of running errands, picking up last-minute gifts for loved ones, meeting up with my twitter friend Kelli (who is adorable and super nice and awesome, as expected!), eating one last dinner at Wagamama with Shaun, and wandering down to Trafalgar Square for a final glimpse of Big Ben. There were a bunch of cops milling about outside the Paralympic Games event going on inside the square, and Shaun demanded that we have our photos taken with London cops before I left. So here I am!

It was a beautiful day in London, the perfect way to end my stay here. I'm so sad to go, but I'm beyond excited to see Greg again at last! I also can't wait to eat a proper breakfast. None of this fry-up nonsense. It's gotta be sweet and savory, guys. Sweet and savory. French toast and sausage. Pancakes and bacon. There is no other way.

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