Monday, September 24, 2012

Outfit no. 3

Jumper: New Look, shorts: F21, shoes: ASOS, necklace: Topshop, earrings: Primark, hat: H&M

In a bit of an emo mood today so I dressed like a goth? I think that was the thought process, though to be honest it's more likely the fact that I bought this jumper ages ago in London and have yet to wear it. Whilst paying for it the girl at the register asked if I was getting ready for winter. Yes, yes I am. I am always getting ready for winter. Woolly jumpers! You need no other reason to look forward to cold weather.

These shorts are one of my favorite wardrobe staples, as they're super comfy, high-waisted, and seem to go with everything. Expect to see them a lot in the future because when I like something I wear it a lot.

This necklace, like most of my purchases, was an impulse buy at Topshop. I tend to buy their jewelry on impulse, and end up wearing it nonstop. Topshop really has the best jewelry in my opinion, and it's a shame there are so few stores in the US. Topshop, come to Utah I will spend my hard-earned monies on your overpriced stuff! Anyway who can resist a giant gold mustache for only about £7? I certainly can't.

I wanted to say a tiny bit about my lip color, which is something rather new for me and I wanted to hear what others think. I love the look of a red lip, and a while back I saw Emma Stone floating about in an advert for Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, and something clicked in my head. Later that week I went to a bunch of SuperDrugs and Boots in search of the Candy Apple color. I didn't own a single lipstick, not even lipgloss, before that. Just Nivea chapstick which is really nice, but it was a magical new experience to be buying lipstick. The few times I've worn lipstick in the past it's been really heavy and dry, and made my lips feel pretty disgusting, but this Lip Butter thing is really nice! I love the color and it's super moisturizing and I don't feel like I'm putting on my grandma's lipstick from the '50s or something, which is always how I felt wearing the stuff in the past. SO BASICALLY: Have you guys tried this stuff? Is it amazing? What other lipsticks or lip things are just as good? I'm itching to try the Clinique Chubby Sticks now, but at like $16 I'm not too sure. WHAT IS MAKEUP I really don't know.

Now let's talk about how awesome these shoes are. They're from ASOS, which I admittedly don't have a lot of experience with, but based on the awesomeness of these shoes I'm gonna have to shop there more often. I love the look of creepers, but I wasn't sure I was ready to bust out the whole shebang all at once, so I went with these. They're kinda like loafer creeper lites. They're ridiculously comfy though, and super cool, so I think I might go ahead and spring for the full-on creepers once I get an income (somebody hire me?). 

Who has creepers? Do you like them? I'm worried they'll make my short curvy legs look even stumpier than they are, but part of me doesn't really care. CREEPERS.

This has been a rather boring clothes-centric post, but there's a lot going on in my life and a run-down will have to wait until my next "lifestyle" post, whatever that means. Borderlands 2 is great, though. Co-op mode is super fun! Bonding time with the boyfriend is always awesome. Even if it involves space hillbillies.

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Sara said...

YOU ARE ADORABLE!!! I love this whole outfit and now I need to look into this lip-butter stuff!! I have no upper-lip (British-trait!) So I am always scared it will end up on my teeth. But yes, want! ALSO, TOPSHOP.