Friday, September 28, 2012

Outfit no. 5

Shorts: New Look, shirt: H&M, blazer: River Island, shoes: ASOS, necklace: F21

Today is National Drink Beer Day! And it's Friday (all beer-related holidays should fall on a weekend night), so this means we must all drink our favorite beers and get super weird! Are you with me? I'm with me! Beer! What is everyone's favorite beer? Mine is probably the Raspberry Wheat that Cascade Brewing in Portland makes, but every beer from Portland is ridiculously good. Living in the opposite of Beervana is kind of tragic, and makes my soul whither a little when I think about it, but at least I always have... uh... Polygamy Porter? :|

I think it's funny -- Greg isn't a beer drinker at all, really; he just drinks socially for the most part. But I love beer. I love the taste, the buzz, the fizziness, the way it goes with cheese fries, everything. One of the great things about living in Portland was trying out all the local brews. If you live in Oregon, or really the PNW, you are a lucky bastard! SLC is pretty lacking in the beer arena. I also really miss cider, which is everywhere in the UK. Bulmer's, Strongbow, Aspall, Kopparberg's, Magners... so many different brands and flavors. I must look into finding a shop here that imports foreign bevvies because I'm in withdrawal.

But enough about my obsession with fizzy alcoholic beverages! And onto clothes. I have to mention this blazer I'm wearing because it's the best thing in my wardrobe right now. I got it at River Island in Belfast, during Shaun's and my Northern Irish adventure. It was the only "souvenir" I got while in Ireland (chocolate doesn't count), which somehow helped me justify the £35 price tag. I love it so much though; it manages to look smart and slouchy all at the same time! And it's super comfy and really long and I just fell in love at first sight. When that happens I have a hard time denying myself a cheeky purchase. Can't wait to wear this baby more as the days get colder.

And sorry about the necklace. I know it's veering dangerously into Tacky Land, but that's kind of why I like it! I mean look at it. There's something about big gold, stupid jewelry that I love. I think an element of tackiness always makes an outfit more fun. I have my whole life to look chic and elegant, right? I may as well dress like an idiot for as long as I can. I'm pushing 30, I need to relish my youth, argh! Panic!

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