Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SLC Style

F21 shirt; Primark skirt, belt, & earrings; New Look shoes; H&M hat; River Island necklaces (from Lucy).

Whenever I'm unemployed I make outfit posts. That's how this goes I guess! I've also, if I'm totally honest, been super inspired by Molly McIsaac's new style blog, The Geeky Peacock. Gahh, fashion and geekiness, perfect combo! Actually you should just go read her blog instead of mine, because it is just flat-out better. Okay now that everyone is over at Molly's blog, I'm gonna write to myself yay!

I've been a bit bored here in Salt Lake City for the past few weeks. It's been much better this week, but being unemployed is never fun. The good thing is that Greg buys the groceries and pays the bills, so I get to edit my novel and look for work while he's at his real job wearing a tie and everything. It's pretty awesome if I'm honest. I really miss London, though. I was reading Natalie Off Duty, who's apparently in London now (or recently was), and had a hard time not breaking down after looking at all of her wonderful photos from Shoreditch and Brick Lane. I miss it so much, but I'm focusing on the positive things here in SLC. For instance: my amazing boyfriend Greg ♥. IHOP. Proper cookies. Video games! Etc.

It's kind of silly because I really had no reason to get dressed today. I haven't left the apartment since Monday, but I rather like it that way. I get to live in my own creepy writing world, wander about in pajama shorts and t-shirts, and sing along to Robyn at the top of my lungs. Admittedly amazing! If a bit repetitive at times.

Anyway I found this hat buried in Greg's closet when I returned from across the Pond, and I'm super excited about it! Totally forgot it existed. Gonna wear it every day forever. And Lucy gave me this amazing pair of necklaces from River Island in a lovely British care package at the airport just before I left. I cried shortly thereafter, of course. She said the necklaces were to help me be more Steampunk, and I'm trying hard to reach the ultimate Steampunk goal. Thank you, Lucy my crumpet! If you're all keen, I'd like to keep doing more outfit posts on my blog because IT IS A GUILTY PLEASURE and I have a lot of clothes. Yes? No? Could not care less either way? Let me know! Or send hate mail. Whichevs.

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jenna said...

Loving the outfit posts, Meg! Hope ur doing well x