Friday, September 21, 2012

Temple Square

Dress: Amazon (gift from Mom), belt: F21, shoes: New Look, necklace: Topshop, bag: River Island.

Let's start with a cheeky outfit photo. Greg and I went to see the LDS Temple in downtown Salt Lake City today, because I was super curious about this crazy temple I kept hearing about and I wanted to blog about it because frankly I need something interesting to blog about. This is what I wore. Obviously. Last time I wore this dress I styled it the exact same way, because there are only so many ways one can style a red tartan dress without looking like an idiot. Remixing is for losers! (What is "remixing," anyway? Isn't that just... what normal people do with their clothes? Wear them more than once? Why give it a gimmicky name? Discuss.) Note the bag that does not go at all, but was solely worn because my DSLR fits inside it. Do not judge my Christmas colors.

ANYWAY the real purpose of this post is to talk about the bizarre culture that is LDS, or Latter-Day Saints, or... whatever I don't really know and if I try to say knowledgeable things I'll end up sounding like a jerk. Let's just say I'm really intrigued by the strange religious culture in which I've suddenly found myself. 

Firstly, it's really clean. Disturbingly so. As Greg and I walked to Temple Square we saw an old guy sweeping the sidewalk. I don't know what he was sweeping though, because it was flipping spotless. Mormons, what are you?

Secondly, right by the Temple there is an LDS Office Building, an LDS Library, and a shopping center that was built with LDS money. It has incredible fountains, you guys. There's a creek inside the shopping center with fish inside. It's frightening how nice it is. And all the men there are wearing white shirts, ties, and have really short gelled hair. :(

Still, the whole spectacle is pretty interesting. I have problems with pretty much every organized religion I'm aware of, but you gotta hand it to the LDS -- they get shit done. They're loaded and organized as hell. And they go around in pairs on bikes wearing adorable streamlined helmets!

Salt Lake City is a pretty strange world, but I'm ready to embrace it. I guess. Even though there's no Wagamama.

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