Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life Lessons and Stuff

Well today instead of going home right after work I decided I needed to spend a bunch of money at H&M, and then pick up a skirt without trying it on, and buy that too. Never do that again, Meg. Because now I have to return it tomorrow because obviously it didn't fit. Life lessons and stuff.

I learned recently that sometimes what seem like pointless details are actually what bring a story that extra step from normal creepy to really creepy. Will I elaborate? Nope. Not until the story is finished. Which will be... one day? Never? Soon maybe if I stop being lazy about it?

And I just this second discovered that Louise's cat Salix will let me clean goop out of her eye, but she won't let me pet her without trying to attack me. Okay.

I'm spending most of my free time this week daydreaming about how much fun Shaun and I are going to have when she comes to visit on Friday. SO EXCITE. I haven't seen her since Denver Comic Con last year, which is just a travesty. I'm gonna take her to all the hipster places, and feed her all the hipster foods. And it is going to be amazing! We always have so much fun when we hang out, so whatever we do, it's gonna rule. Last time she visited me was in Salt Lake City, so I'm pretty sure this time is going to be a little more fun. Maybe. A tiny bit.

In regards to my last post, my dad informed me via Facebook that I don't want to meet guys in bars anyway. I just want to hang out in bars with guys I already know. Which is probably a good point, so thanks Dad, for being all advice-y all the time. So I guess this means bitchface is a go! Bitchface forever!

Man, it's cold in the kitchen right now.

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