Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shaun Weekend

Wow, I wanted to post about this past weekend FOREVER AGO (i.e. Monday), but I got in a stupid car wreck that afternoon (to answer your questions: it was not my fault; I am okay), and then yesterday I thought Lyall was going to die of Orbit gum overdose because he ate my entire pack of gum, that asshole, so I had to call poison control and pay $65 for them to be like "Good news! Your dog isn't going to die." So it's been a rough couple of days. By "rough" I mean not really that bad, but still super annoying and stressful. Anyway, whatever, it is not time for me to whinge about unfortunate recent events. It's time for me to talk about my weekend with Shaun!

Shaun, who you may know as my UK Adventure Bestie and London Boyfriend, flew out to Portland from Denver to hang out over the weekend! I cannot even tell you how excited I was for this visit. The last time I'd seen Shaun was at Denver Comic Con last year, so almost a year. The time we spent in London together made her one of my closest, best friends, and it was so much fun to see her again and talk and drink cider and go shopping, just like old times!

On Friday evening, the day she flew in, we walked up to the Caldera Public House, which is hands down by far the coziest, most inviting pub I've been to in Portland. And it's like three blocks from my house, score! We had dinner and drank cider and talked for hours. I could have sat there for the rest of the weekend and been happy, but we had hipster missions to accomplish!

On Saturday we woke up early and headed in the other direction to Seven Virtues, a coffee shop that I'd been meaning to try and just never got around to until then. Guess what guys, if you like a breakfast bagel sandwich with lots of egg and butter and cheese, then you should go to this place. Most delicious breakfast bagel sandwich... of all time? Not sure. But definitely in the top 5. We hung out there for a while and then drove down to Hawthorne, where we browsed vintage and record shops, and found Sherlock's chair and an old photo booth. Double awesome!

We grabbed crepes at Chez Machin because we apparently hadn't eaten enough carbs that morning, and then jetted off to pick up Megan for the National Theatre Live screening of Coriolanus. It was pretty ridiculous because none of us could follow the plot, and had no idea what anyone was saying, and I nearly fell asleep during the first half, but we were all 100% aware of what Tom Hiddleston's butt was doing at any given moment. And at one point he was wearing a semi-sheer white robe? Why. Actually, no, I'm not questioning it. I will just accept Tom Hiddleston's shadowy crotch at face value.

After the show we needed to get our blood pumpin', so we went shopping, obvies. I only found a black cardigan and a shirt, the latter of which I promptly stained with beet juice when I wore it to work yesterday, but it was super fun because Shaun/Megan/shopping! The rest of the evening was spent at dinner (Thai Peacock), talking, drinking cider (Bushwhackers), talking, eating (Montage; why did we eat so much??), and talking. And eating. When we were finished I think we were all about to explode from over-eating, and I could barely keep my eyes open. But I got to spend so many quality hours of eating and talking and shopping with Shaun and Megan, so I am okay with that.

Sunday was spent much the same way as Saturday: eating, and of course shopping. We met up with Rose and Shaun's friend Lety for brunch at City State Diner, after which Shaun, Lety, and I took the party to Powell's. Shaun saw Jackpot Records on the way there and had to buy another record or whatever (ugh such a hipster). Shaun and I then made our way up to Urban Outfitters and all the shops along Northwest 23rd, before heading back home to relax for a bit. Later that evening we met up with Rose and Matt at the Bagdad Theater to see The Lego Movie and stuff more food into our faces. The movie was super funny, but we also felt like it had been hyped too much? Or maybe our expectations were too high. I feel like people initially went into it with low expectations and were really excited about Batman, but after all of the suuuuper good reviews I'd read, it fell a bit flat for me. I won't speak for Shaun, but she totally agreed.

Monday was the worst day of all time because it was the day Shaun left and also the day a total douchenozzle hit my car with his work van, but at least it started off well: with more breakfast bagel sandwiches! Okay I didn't have a sandwich, I just had a normal bagel with cream cheese. But whatever. The weekend was not a long enough time to hang out with Shaun, and I'm still so sad that she's back in Denver. But I'll see her again in a matter of months, and it'll be amazing, because DCC, bitches! We're gonna geek so hard!

Sorry this is such a long, boring, horribly written account of Shaun Weekend. I mostly just want to remember exactly where we ate at every meal so I can be like "oh yeahhh that Old Mac was damn good" in a year's time. Also for my mom. Hi, mom.

I already miss Shaun so fucking much. She's the greatest. Thanks for letting me drag you all around Portland, Shaun! It was so much fun! Love you tonnes. x

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