Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy & Home

I've been thinking about my home and how much I love it. I haven't really loved my home this much since I lived in Portland last. Which I guess says something about Portland. Maybe everywhere feels like home here, because this city feels so much like home. Either way, I revel in my own room, decorated the way I want, shared with my little dog and way too many DVDs (I have no other bookshelves you guys it's a sad state of storage affairs).

Today I got up at 9:45 on my own, which is insanely early for me on a weekend, and spent the day getting things done. I didn't go out at first because I've been feeling under the weather -- strep throat, hurray? -- but I baked brownies, trimmed Lyall's toenails, did two loads of laundry, took Lyall for a walk, helped Louise organize the shed out back, and joined her on a Fred Meyer mission to gather ingredients for these bad boys. Then we went out for fish & chips with her boyfriend, and here I am now, snug in bed with clean sheets and clean pajamas, totally content.

I haven't felt this at home in a long time. I know I bang on about it all the time, but Portland is it for me. I'm not going anywhere. I've only lived here for what amounts to about... well, a little less than two years total, but it feels like forever. I love it so fucking much. And good friends can make any place feel like home.

I've joined a new writers group, which is really exciting as well. I've only been to one meeting so far, but it seems like it'll be really fun, and a good way to meet other writers in Portland. Plus it seems like a lot of the writers lean toward scifi/fantasy, so I'll fit in nicely. I'm hoping to get some feedback on my novel, which I want to revise a bit more and start shopping around again. I'm so excited to start writing again, and talk about writing, and read other writers' work. I'm just excited about LIFE YOU GUYS. Because Salt Lake City was the actual worst, and I thank god every damn day that I'm not in that horrible place anymore. 

I also thank god for the following:

  1. Modern medicine. Oh my god modern medicine yes. I had strep throat but now it's almost completely gone! Because pills! And I feel amazing!
  2. Health insurance. Oh my gaawwwd health insurance you guys, is like Christmas every day when you have a boatload of weird health problems like I do! Went to urgent care and didn't pay a thing. And my employer pays for my health insurance completely because I have the greatest job of all time. Which brings me to...
  3. My jorb. I love it. I get to edit grammar and spelling and punctuation all day because I'm a copy editor of sorts and it is grand. I work downtown and I can get lunch with Rose and I take the bus every day and I just can't get over how awesome it is!
  4. My dog. Lyall makes me laugh, keeps me on my toes, loves me unconditionally, and gives me an excuse to take walks in the gorgeous late afternoon sun. Also he is a cuddly heater on cold winter nights. He's everything.
  5. Louise. She is the greatest housemate. She is the greatest house/roommate I think I have ever had, and it's amazing! She brought me tea the other night when I was a sack o' sick. And she bought me caffeine free Diet Coke one night when I wanted a Coke but it was near my bedtime. She's the best okay.
  6. EVERYTHING ELSE BECAUSE MY LIFE IS AWESOME. This list could very well go on forever and ever okay so I'm just gonna calm down and stop now.

So yup, life is good. Life is tremendously good. I am home, and I am happy.

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