Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Testosterone Pellet

Who needs contextually relevant photos when you have PBR bus? Nobody.

I slept through my alarm this morning, like an idiot. In my defense, I think the sound was just turned way down on my phone? Okay that's not really in my defense at all. Well, whatever happened, I woke up at 7:00 sharp and did that thing where you look at the time on your phone three times, each time with growing horror, and then yell "fuck!" and jump out of bed with an adrenaline rush. The one good thing to come of my oversleeping is that Louise was up before me and had made coffee just in time to force some upon me as I ran out the door. I don't think I've said enough how awesome my housemate is. Oh, I have? Well I'll say it again. Louise is awesome.

After work I picked Rose up downtown and we went to American Apparel on Hawthorne. I always want to go into American Apparel because they have awesome basics, but the one time I went in there by myself I felt like I was being silently judged by the hipsters working there. So this time I dragged Rose with me because we're both too scared to go there alone, and because we're used to being judged together as a pair ever since we started wearing matching clothes in middle school. It turned out that the hipsters working there were super nice and not judgey at all though, so our fear was unfounded. And then I ended up buying three pleated skirts because I was told that the third one would be 50% off. I can't resist a bargain, you guys. I literally cannot ever. So I spent a lot of money on skirts, is the finale of that story.

When I returned home I ate a bowl of Brussels sprouts because I am obsessed with them and can't stop eating them, and found that a package had come from Urban Outfitters that I forgot I'd ordered. Oops. I may have a shopping problem. At least it's not a meth problem? I dunno. Tell me which is worse, guys.

Anyway, my workshop last night went really well! Everyone said my writing was really strong, but were all in agreement that Cecily needs to be more likable, or at least relatable. Which, let's be honest, is literally the exact same thing that everybody else has said about my book! Other than my mom and Lucy, because they're biased. But everyone had really useful suggestions for ways to make Cecily more relatable, so I got a lot out of it. I'm hoping to get in on a long form workshop later this month, where everyone submits around 50k words and then we're given a longer time to read and workshop all of the submissions. I'm so glad I found this writing group, because it's gotten me all excited about writing again, and when I'm excited about writing my whole life lights up.

And now it is time for me to dry my hair again, because apparently I only blog when my hair is up in a towel after I shower. I mean what else am I going to do during that time, right? Be productive and do laundry or something? No.

P.S. Can someone stop me from using the stupidest titles in my blog posts? No? Okay.

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