Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Food Carts

Shitty pic of my food cart food, all right!!
Well it's been a long week in Megland. Not technically, because I had Monday off to hang with Shaun until she left, but having to deal with my stupid car wreck (my car is technically totaled, huzzah!) and all of the stupid insurance nonsense it entailed was pretty tedious and exhausting. And then I forgot to buy tickets this morning to the Chvrches show in April, so of course they are already sold out. And I was supposed to get them for myself and Megan, so I'm basically the worst friend of all time?? Fml forever.

Anyway. Tonight will hopefully improve upon my week, because it's NTNT's new EP release party! Megan and I used to work with Dustin, the band's lead, and one time I spent an entire Saturday sitting at the edge of a stage with my cello while they rocked out behind me, for some music video or something? Which never actually came of anything. So yeah. That was neat. No really it was pretty cool. At the time it was suuuper long and boring, but in retrospect it was a fascinating experience. If you are in the Portland area and really want to see some good live music tonight, you should come to their show! It'll be great I swear! Seriously their music rules. Here is the info.

In other news, today I finally had enough foresight and cajones to go to the food carts for lunch! And actually buy food! I am sooo excited about this. I went to an Indonesian one that is apparently new, but it's called Satay Indonesia, and it's right by the gyro cart on SW Alder and 9th? I think? Anyway, it was super delicious and I am all jazzed about that, because it was $5 and the perfect amount of food. It was a tiny bit spicy for my taste, but not so much that the food was impossible to enjoy. So yay! You should all check it out, because I said I would tell my friends. What cart will I try next? I need to plan these things very far in advance because I'm just about that spontaneous life.

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