Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Eve

I don't know why I decided I need to blog every day now. I've completely run out of interesting things to say. 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, in case you somehow missed it. I mean it's kinda hard to miss sometimes. I wish people would speak up about these holidays beforehand, you know? I'm lucky I even remembered it this year, what with nobody talking about it at all anywhere.

Usually I'd be preparing to vom all over my instagram feed tomorrow when everyone starts posting pics of the flowers and chocolates that got delivered to them at work or whatever, but this year I'm super okay with the whole thing! This year I get to be my own valentine. And since I'm the one treating myself, I can't possibly let myself down or be disappointed. So much better than knowing your boyfriend is gonna do fuck all when any holiday rolls around, and then act put-upon when you ask if he wants to celebrate somehow.

No, I'm not bitter! I'm really not. I just don't understand how I didn't do all of this sooner -- break up with Greg, move back to Portland, everything. I feel happier and more fulfilled now than I've felt in such a long time. I don't have this dead weight of a boyfriend dragging around with me everywhere, bringin' me down. And I'm really excited to celebrate Valentine's Day with my single friends!

I hope all of you attached people have super awesome boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives/things who are pulling out all the stops for you tomorrow. Or I hope you at least eat some delicious food, because if you do nothing else on a holiday, you should at least eat so much food that you have to be rolled home like Violet Beauregarde.

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