Monday, October 1, 2012

Outfit no. 6

Dress: Primark, blazer: Target, shoes: Aldo, necklaces: River Island (gift).

I use the hat hanging on the door to focus my camera. It kind of works. Mostly it doesn't. The lighting on our balcony is crazy inconsistent and it makes me wish desperately that I could clone myself and use the clone as a photographer. This self-timer nonsense is too hit-or-miss! I took about 370 photos today and these were pretty much the only ones I liked. That's a lot of shitty photos.

Part of the problem, I think, is the fact that I don't feel entirely comfortable in this outfit. I thought I did, but looking back at these photos I look awkward and stiff in most of them. I blame the blazer. I bought it years ago when I weighed about 30 lbs more, but I kept it because I felt it could be a cool oversized blazer. However. Wearing a blazer that's far too big for you is different than an oversized blazer. One is meant to be big, the other is only big because it fits wrong. Perhaps I'm the only one who thinks this is an important differentiation to make, but it seems to apply in this case. I don't think I'll be wearing this blazer again. It just doesn't work for me. It looks like I'm wearing my mom's blazer to work or something. Make it stop!

Grumble grumble! I had a whole vision in my head for this post and everything went awry. I trimmed my bangs on Saturday and I feel like now the whole bangs-to-hair ratio is off? I just don't know! It's frustrating me. Stupid hair.

Enough complaining. I'm pretty content with life, aside from blogging woes. Greg and I went out dancing with his friends over the weekend, and it was tons of fun! We all danced to "Gangnam Style" and I'm pretty sure we were the only people in the bar cool/dorky enough to do the dance! So much fun. We also went to see Looper on Friday, which was amazing! We love sci fi action flicks, and Looper is seriously one of the best sci fi films I've ever seen. Time travel films are great, but this one really was spot on. You should all watch it; I've been thinking about it ever since we saw it on Friday, there were so many memorable scenes. Warning: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been CG'd to look like Bruce Willis. That was the only disappointing bit of the whole film -- a less hot JGL.

Edit: According to my mom, JGL wore actual prosthetics, it wasn't CG! Impressive!


adventures of a mad scientist said...

Welcome to my life. I lost so much weight and dropped enough pant sizes that 80% of my clothes no longer fit me. They don't even look cool when they're big; they just look too big. And of course I have no money to buy new clothes that fit. ;_;

Hogla said...

I am so fond of this outfit.
The dress is so very pretty primark really do sell some great dresses.

I do think you should give the blazer up if you don't feel comfortable wearing it. My mum does that job for me which I found quite funny as she always knows before I do whether I feel comfortable in an outfit.