Monday, November 19, 2012

Glasses Are Cool*

Why does Meg look so goddamn cool here, you ask, with her attempted sexy face and awkward pose? It's because she is wearing glasses. Yes. It's true. If she took them off, she would wither into a shapeless, Lovecraftian horror. It is the power of glasses.

Seriously though, glasses are really cool. I love my geeky hipster eyeglasses! I've been wearing glasses since my junior year of high school, which seems like a late time to start, but I was having a hard time reading the whiteboard in AP US History (my favorite class, obvs), and it turned out I needed reading glasses. Well I loved my glasses so much that I wore them every day all day, which meant that eventually, my eyes got worse! Now I need to wear them no matter what! It's a glorious thing, ruining your own eyes so you can be a full-on geek, but that's what I did. I always wanted glasses, and when I finally got them I feel I found my identity. Maybe. Kind of?

Well, whatever. From the first time I got glasses I really wanted big, thick-rimmed, black nerd glasses frames because I thought they would be cool. Sadly, since hipsters weren't really a thing yet when I was 16, LensCrafters and your typical glasses shop didn't carry such frames. Luckily years later in college I was able to find a pair online.

And that's where comes in! They contacted me about sponsoring a post and I was immediately down for it. I'm not just someone who wears glasses -- I love my glasses. It's really important to me to have the right pair, since I wear them every day and they're a distinct part of my look. I took a little lookie-loo around the site, and there are some pretty swank frames up in thurr. They have a "Try-It Mirror" that allows you to make dumb faces and try on sweet tortoiseshell professor frames. Like so:

I'm not sure I could ever tear myself away from my black Ray-Bans, but if I did, I'd probably go for something super nerdy like this! If any of you wear prescription eyeglasses, GlassesUSA is the perfect option for finding cool frames. They have a huge selection, and they're pretty well priced too! Yay!

Try it yourself if you like! (Not sure why the spacing here is wonkadoodle, please forgive.)

And lastly, as a lovely bonus, here are some discounts for any of you glasses wearers out there. GlassesUSA is offering 15% off, storewide, PLUS free shipping (on orders over $50), with code FS15. And for 10% off any order of prescription glasses, use code Blog10! Yay!

*This post is sponsored by GlassesUSA.

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