Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Greg's Outfit!

Since I didn't take any photos of my outfit today (I just started my womanly moon cycle and I wore the frumpiest/most comfortable outfit I possibly could and I refuse to show you photos of it), I've decided to show you guys these pics of Greg in his Halloween costume! We never actually made it out that night, as I had a minor mental breakdown and cried a bunch so we just watched Ever After and ate popcorn, so tragically nobody got to see him in his hipster costume! Greg is basically the anti-hipster, which is hilarious since he's dating one, so this is a pretty funny outfit for him to wear, and even funnier if you know him.  The jeans belong to our friend Sam, the t-shirt he found in the lost and found bin in high school (it glows in the dark), the cardi was his grandfather's, and the scarf and glasses are mine (bought the specs at Brick Lane in London).

Feel free to tell Greg how amazing he looks as a hipster so that maybe, by some bizarre miracle, he is convinced to dress this way all the time. Yes, I think it's super hot!! Even the rolled-up jeans, god forgive me.

Greg, I fucking love you! ♥

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Georgie said...

I sooo agree with you. This outfit is amazing!