Monday, November 5, 2012

Outfit no. 24

Dress: H&M, cardi and necklace: F21, shoes: New Look, glasses: Ray-Ban

This photo makes me look like I have no arms. Ha! But yeah. I was going to wear my Oasap shoes today but my feet were just like, "No." So I wore flats. I'm trying to train my feet to be okay with heels more often, but sometimes they yell at me and I have to obey. Nobody wants angry feet all day.

Moving on... I can't express how in love with this new cardigan I am! I went a little bit crazy over the weekend and bought three new cardigans and three necklaces (which were on sale, in my defense) at Forever21, and then this dress at H&M. I couldn't resist the color or the fabric of this dress -- it's kinda shiny but not gross shiny, and it's soft and thick for winter. And only $25! H&M has fallen out of favor with me recently (they seem to stock the same styles over and over and I've gotten bored of it), but I've got to admit, you can still find some amazing pieces there. ANYWAY, back to the cardigan! Just for you I went to the F21 website and found it; I do believe it's this one. I'm so glad I went into the store and saw it, because based on the online photo I'd have been underwhelmed. However it's much bigger on me than the model, yay, so it's super oversized and comfy and I love it! It's also darker in person than it looks on the site, and quite soft and thick. I think everyone should get one because it goes with everything! 

I'm also trying to link to more items in my posts, because people have asked me where certain things are from, i.e. the coat from! Since a couple people asked, you can find the coat I got right here! I got it in medium, and it fits perfectly well. I did want a bigger, more oversized feel so that works for me, but all of the clothes from that site are ridic tiny in the first place so a medium will likely work for other small girls.

I realized today that I'm going to have to invest in some sort of light source out on the balcony, or move my photo sessions inside. Now that the days are getting shorter and the clocks turned back, it's almost too dark to take photos outside. Nooooooo. I had to poke around on Gimp and lighten these up considerably. I think they look okay, kind of, but I'd prefer to work with better light all-around. What do you guys suggest for photos inside and/or outside in low light? I'd super appreciate any suggestions!

In WoW news (nobody cares but I'm writing it anyway?), I've started healing heroics! It's super fun. I love priest heals; I've been doing them since near the end of Burning Crusade and haven't changed since. Holy all the way. I've pretty much gotten the hang of it for the new expansion, although my gear is atrocious. My biggest problem is that I'm running out of mana during boss fights when the DPS is a bit low, and then I run in circles going, "AARRGH I'M OOM ARGH!" Sadly Greg isn't tanking this time around, so I get to deal with second-rate tanks a lot... not that I'm biased. I don't know why I'm writing this here, as nobody understands what I'm saying except maybe two of you, but I love WoW and I have nowhere else to talk about it!! I'm sorry, blog readers!

I will leave you alone now to your confusion after that paragraph, and finish off by announcing that I'm GoJane's BFF of the week on the GoJane blog! Check it out! I love GoJane and their blog, it always has adorable and inspiring things on it. So go, go look! ^^


Amanda said...

Oh I totally love this look!

Sara said...

I want that cardigan! They are my weakness. Kyle dies a little inside whenever I buy a new one. I need to check out H&M, never been!

Sara said...

I want that cardigan! They are my weakness. Kyle dies a little inside whenever I buy a new one. I need to check out H&M, never been!