Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Sweater Yeah!

Sorry about the lull in my blogging there, dudes. Not sure what happened. Or am I...! Well I spent all Saturday sleeping in too late and Christmas shopping, then I worked on Sunday and Greg and I have been marathoning the first season of Dexter since then. So clearly, not much time for blogging in there. I mean, Dexter > blogging, SRY2SAY. (Not really... maybe.)

I'm wearing: Second-hand skirt (via Buffalo Exchange), vintage sweater from Mom, F21 hat, Target earrings.

I looooooove this flipping sweater. It is my absolute favorite Christmas sweater, and yes, I wear it even when a bit inappropriate for the season. Ever since my mom gave it to me back in high school (ten years ago???), I've loved it. I even wore it when short, '80s style sweaters weren't super "in"! Holy shit! I'm such a trend-setter you guise, with my '80s sweaters before they were cool. /HIPSTER HIPSTER ALERT

Anyway. Dexter is way amazing, in case anybody asks. I figured it might be kinda dumb, since everybody and their mom watches it (see, I'm such an asshole like that), but turns out it's pretty awesome. Dexter is a great protagonist. I hate boring "everyman" protagonists, so Dexter is a nice change from like... well I can't think of any boring everyman characters right now, except John Sheppard from SGA, but I liked him, so the example doesn't work. Well whatever you get the idea.

I've been feeling pretty under the weather lately, which you'll know if you follow my whining on twitter. I definitely feel a cold coming on, but I've been fighting it off with tons of tea and honey, Halls lozenges (I love this word: lozenge), and little to no physical exertion. That's right, I'm going out of my way to avoid physical exertion. It's hard, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice. Gives my body energy to fight the good fight! and all that.

I'm thinking I'll want a hot toddy later tonight before bed. Does anyone know if you can replace the whiskey in a toddy with rum? We don't have whiskey but we may have this really awful rum still in the cupboard from ages ago. Which I would totally use. Hmmm, we'll research it.

Also, still planning on making a video blog, but I haven't the energy to act cool on-camera while fighting off a cold. Boo.


HollyElise said...

Seriously, you look super-cute in that sweater.
And the hat + sweater = Christmas elf!

T.A.P.S. said...

lovingg the Christmas spirit


.Alyspank said...

Your posts are always the greatest in the world. Scratch that- universe. They always make me giggle... especially when I can tell you're emoting.



Get to feeling better! Even if it means mixing booze with medicine. I'm not sure about the rum/whisky switch. In all my exploits, I've never noticed too much of a difference in taste. Then again, usually by time I'm drinking stuff with those in it, I'm too far gone to taste.

I just lushed up your page- so better get going now! :D



Heather said...

Oh hi, you look cute. The explosion of red here is really somethin! ;) I seriously want a red hat! Just so I can give my outfits the same burst of pigments you always give yours!

Okay so Dexter is one of the greatest shows EVER. 1st season and 4th season are my personal favorites, even though I love them all!

I hope you feel better soon! I really want to watch another Meg video SOON! xo

gee said...

mom's have the best clothing.
meg, seriously..you are flipping cute.
i love your pictures all the time.
i really hope you start feeling better..

i can not watch Dexter..it is good..but it ALWAYS gives me nightmares..the husband has forbidden me from watching it..hahaha..
have a wonderful christmas my dear!!!

Midwest Mayhem said...

I love your reindeer sweater! Dexter is sooooooo good. If you're only on Season 1 you're lucky because you have 5 seasons to watch back to back! Season 4 is by far the best.

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Dexter! Awesome stuff. As is your sweet little hat!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Oh man! I wish it was sweater weather in Australia.
Christmas singlets aren't the same...

Louise said...

Yes, you can use rum in hot toddies! My brother says you can anyway.

If I had a holiday sweater, I would want yours... I just love it! And that pleated mini? So cute. I really want to watch Dexter, but I am totally nervous about the violence in it because I am a wimp when it comes to certain kinds of bloodshed. (like torture and prolonged deaths) "Kill Bill?" Can totally handle and love. Can I handle it, Meg?

Eunice said...

ah, you are so adorable!
best christmas sweater I've seen this season!


sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

Gimme that sweater! I want.

Also, Dexter is freaking awesome. I just started watching it like a month ago and I'm already on season 4.

Pleasantly Jaded said...

Ummm.....I freaking love this! :) That skirt is super cute with those tights and your sweater makes me want to drink hot apple cider and make snow angels! :):)


Amy said...

You look so cute in hats. Having a big head = not being able to wear hats = VERY SAD Amy :-(

PhotoPuddle said...

That is a cute sweater. You look great in it!

Laura Sue said...

I feel warm and fuzzy inside seeing you in this sweater. I remember the day i bought it and to think my daughter is now wearing it....little did I know!!


Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

Totally love the sweater! Plus, it's red and I have an affinity for anything red.

You should take Theraflu, the lemon flavor. That does wonders for my colds. You just pour it into a mug with hot water, it's just like tea and it's so tasty! I have been know to drink it when I'm not sick...

monster cakes said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say... I love your style, I am a fellow Oregonian blogger who used to live in Portland, I wear nerd glasses, and that sweater is freaking awesome. That's all. Oh, and I'm totally following you now because I think it's fun to support Oregon fashion bloggers. Go us!

Amber Rose said...

I hope you feel better, missy. If not for nothing, your facial expressions kill me. Every. Time.
If you die of a cold and I die from your facial expressions, the world will be empty. Therefore YOU NEED TO FEEL BETTER. :D

Michal said...

Reading your posts always make me happy. You are the funniest, for realz. That sweater is so Christmas-y. I love it. I love the reindeers (reindeer I know but reindeers sounds better).

I watched Dexter for the 1st time the other day but it was like 2 episodes from this season so it was kinda hard to follow but maybe I'd like it better if i started from the beginning... haha

Feel better! Merry Christmas!

She is Sara said...

Meg!! You look so adorable in your sweater! I just want to pick you up and squeuze you like a doll!

I am so sorry that you are sick! I saw that on twitter. get better dammit. I said so.

DUDE!! Hipster moments. I was looking at my senior year high-school photos, I had "ombre" hair before it was cool!! I was made fun of at prom. Those bitches.

Dexter, yet another amazing show that I never get to watch. I can't wait until school is over next year so I can catch up on all this stuff. I feel so lame.

Fashion Fabrice said...

you look amazing:) I love the look its so christmas:)And you look so cute!you have a great blog!Im happy i ran into you ! Its really a great read, you posts and style are amazing:)
And you are very pretty:)
Im gonna follow you! hope you visit me and follow me back,
that would be amazing!


Fleur-de-Lis said...

I am in love with your sweater :)
as you know I still wear my grey cardigan my mum gave me when I was 10 (13 years ago ^^)
But yours is incredible, and it looks perfect with that mini skirt!
Wish you a merry xmas *** and get well soon!

Mandy said...

love the outfit! Merry Christmas! :D

Flashes of Style said...

SUCH a great sweater!

Merry Christmas! xx

Nicole said...

Great sweater!! I wish my mom kept more of her clothes, but unfortunately all I've snagged from her are a few cool vintage scarves... Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! :)

Bryce said...

I absolutely love this sweater. I'm virtually stealing it from you. Just so you are aware.
Just kidding. That's not possible.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Just stumbled on your blog! YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER. I mean, really. I'm so impressed by your pictures. I want to eat you up. Except for not really because that's, you know, weird.

I never really caught on to Dexter. My cousin tried to get me to. Maybe I'll have to give 'er a try? He's really good lookin' (side note).

Check out mine?

Christy said...

ha ha I love christmas sweaters too. Whoops I almost wrote tool instead of too. Didn't mean that....

I enjoy reading your ramblings. I totally also am sometimes wary of things that everyone and their mom love...sometimes with good reason but sometimes I'm just being snobby.

merry christmas!
Christy of Dress Rehearsal

maggeygrace said...

I loveee that sweater. So cute and holidayesque!