Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Outfit no. 35

Dress, cardi, and necklace: H&M, booties: Blowfish, glasses: Ray-Ban

I couldn't be bothered to do my hair last night after showering, but I really wanted to document today's outfit, so -- with much reluctance -- I've decided to subject everyone to un-styled Meg hair. Apologies.

That said, I'm super excited about today's outfit mostly because it's 1) super comfy, 2) super cute, and 3) super cheap. I went to H&M yesterday in hopes of scoring something good on sale, and voila! I found this cardi for $7. It's quite warm and soft, and the color is perfection. Then I found this dress, not on sale, for $17.95 or something. Which is quite good in my opinion! I've been told by the Powers That Be not to wear drop-waists, as I already have a long torso and short legs, but fuck 'em. I like this dress and who cares if I accentuate the parts of myself that actually exist, and aren't that hideous and terrifying. Normally I hate my short legs, but this dress is so cute and comfy that I can't be bothered to care.

Would've taken more detail photos of my necklace and cardi, but alas, it's about 18 degrees F outside (warmer than it's been recently!) and I didn't want to die. So instead I chose to be hasty and retreat indoors where a tiny warm dog awaited me.

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Abbey said...

Love that dress & I usually avoid drop waists too. Nice finds!