Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Outfit no. 40

Skirt and jumper: F21, coat: UO, booties: Aldo, necklace: gift from friend, glasses: Ray-Ban

This is what I wore on Monday. I had a premonition I'd need some outfit photos later this week, so I didn't post about my outfit the day I took these. No that's a lie, I was just too lazy to do it, and now I am using these photos instead of photographing today's outfit. I've had a bit of a lame afternoon since arriving home. Lyall chewed up his collar and peed on the floor; he got a new parka in the mail but they sent two instead of just one, and it didn't fit; and the internet went down for like 15 minutes. Luckily I'd just been to the store, and luckily I'd done so while suffering from my moon cycle, so I bought beer and cookies. Therefore I am now in my pajamas, about to watch last night's New Girl, with a beer (2:30pm is acceptable time to start drinking, methinks), and a bag of chocolate cookies.

Again it's a bit of a bland outfit, but that's what happens during ~business casual~ week I guess. Oh well, the skirt is statement enough on its own! Was super pleased to find it in the F21 sale over the weekend. I love a bit of plaid.

Tonight I'm going to demand that we order pizza for dinner, and spend the evening watching TNG. Or something equally relaxing and awesome. I sent out several queries last night and I still feel mentally exhausted. It's like applying for jobs, but 100x more harrowing. Oh well, keep on trucking as I always say! Well I've said it once or twice.

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Naomi said...

I've been thinking about getting some boots like yours ever since you debuted them.

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