Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outfit no. 36

Skirt and cardi: F21, shirt:, coat: Urban Outfitters, hat: H&M, shoes: New Look, leg warmers: Target, glasses: Ray-Ban

I'm taking a leaf from Olivia's book and wearing my coat as a cape. Solely for outfit photos, of course. I wish I was the sort of person who could get away with wearing my coat as a cape and look awesome doing it, but alas, I'm not. Mostly I just didn't want to freeze to death while still showcasing my clothes.

Trying my best to get back into taking regular outfit photos. Part of the problem is that 99% of my wardrobe is currently piled on my bedroom floor, and I can't be bothered to do laundry or hang up the clean things, so I just rummage around each morning and hope I come up with something vaguely presentable. Which is why there's been a dearth of outfit posts here. Who knows what I'll do, though; I always have plans for my blog and then I always go off and do something completely different. So we'll see!

I'm so in love with Lyall, by the way. I've become the horrible person who takes 500 photos of their dog in only slightly differing poses, and then posts them on Instagram. I'm trying so hard to hold back but we'll see how long my self-control lasts. I'm so sorry. At least I'm not a cat person doing this. It's so much worse when it's cat people, because cats have only one facial expression. At least dogs are a bit dynamic and varied. Cats all look the same to me. (Yes I am racist against cats. Even though I have some really great friends who are cats!)

Thus, I leave you with this. Lyall refuses to hold still unless I hold his ducky out for him. He loves his ducky. (And he just came in from a walk, that's why he's wearing the sweater! I don't just put it on for fun, I swear. But yes I left it on for a few extra minutes so I could take pictures of him in it. I mean look at him. Look at his sweater. IS HE NOT PERFECT.)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR LEGWARMERS. And your dog. xo