Friday, January 25, 2013

Outfit no. 38

Cardi, necklace, and dress (worn as shirt): F21, skirt: eBay, hat: H&M, booties: Aldo, glasses: Ray-Ban

I'm much more partial to these booties without socks, it turns out. I experimented with walking around in them sock-less, and they actually don't slide in the heel at all, I was having a mild hallucination when I came to that conclusion. They do squeeze my left little toe a bit, but pretty much 90% of my shoes have some sort of minor pain problem that I overcome simply by being a Badass, aka the same thing every other girl in the world does in order to endure cute-yet-slightly-painful shoes.

I came home to an email from another agent today, which I will share in the next installment of my "Journey to Publication!" series. Just know that I find myself in the annoying predicament of needing to write a synopsis of my novel really quickly. So, good luck with that one, Meg!

In other news, I've become completely addicted to the podcast Errand of Mercy, and not just because one of the guys who does it is my friend. It's basically two British dudes talking about ridiculous things and being fucking hilarious while doing it. As in, I had to pause the podcast 3 times today because it was too funny and I didn't want to explode in laughter at my desk in the middle of a quiet office. I'm pretty sure my coworkers already think I'm insane from all the snickering and silent convulsing as I try not to straight-up lol, but oh man. One of my favorite things is geeky guys talking about weird stuff and having hilarious banter, and another one of my favorite things is listening to British people talk, so basically Errand of Mercy is A+ would buy again. I urge you all to listen to it; it's on iTunes available for download, and if you listen and enjoy it, you should like their Facebook page. I swear Geraint didn't force me to plug this on my blog; I am seriously just totally in love with his podcast and I need everyone to listen to it so we can laugh about it together OKAY? It makes my work days a billion times more entertaining. Listen. Go.

And now I must go write that synopsis. At least it can't possibly be as bad as the query letter... right?

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Naomi said...

Any chance you'll post the synopsis for your followers? Also, loving the dress as a skirt!

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