Thursday, January 24, 2013

Outfit no. 37

Dress: H&M, cardi: New Look, socks: Urban Outfitters, shirt (worn under dress): Primark, booties: Aldo, necklace: gift from a friend, glasses: Ray-Ban.

I bought myself these boots as a reward for finishing my novel. At least that's what I told myself when I started entering my payment information on the Aldo site. They were like 30% off though, and I've been wanting some Chelsea boots for a long while (all the UK bloggers have them!), so I couldn't possibly deny myself the indulgence. I'm a bit annoyed because they slide a tiny bit in the heel, thus the need for socks, but I hate how they look with socks. SO. I'm going to have to get some little socks that don't go above the ankle, just for these boots. The things I do for love.

Greg and I have been watching Star Trek TNG almost every evening on Netflix. I've only seen scattered episodes from both TNG and the Original Series, so it's tons of fun to watch them all in order. We're only on season 2, but if our history of watching all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1 -- twice -- is anything to go by, we'll be finished in no time! We just met the Borg, and god are they creepy. Oh Picard... you don't even know the half of what you're in for...

Did anyone see this week's episode of New Girl? SO FUNNY. Julius Pepperwood was my favorite. Let's talk about tv shows foreverrrr I could seriously do this. Does anyone watch Suits and do you hate Mike as much as I do right now? Are we all dying of excitement for the new seasons of Game of Thrones and Doctor Who? I've been a bad fangirl, though, and haven't seen any of the new season of Downton Abbey yet. Ugh, I'm sorry, I'll catch up eventually...

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Naomi said...

We used to watch TNG when I was a kid. The Borg always freaked me out. Lol! Sorry to hear your boots slide. I think they look cute with the socks you have on!

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