Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Outfit no. 39

Skirt, shirt, and jumper: F21; necklace: gift from friend; shoes: Payless; glasses: Ray-Ban

Wow, I did not have any kind of luck with my hair today. It was fine last night when I went to bed, and when I awoke this morning, it was winging out like CRAZY and I don't understand! I couldn't do what I'd normally do and wear a hat, as it's another ~business casual~ week at work, so I let it fly free. Stupid hair.

Anyway, I actually went out of my way to try to be as "conservative" and "business casual" as I could today and yesterday, thanks to some new acquisitions from the Forever21 sale. I've been leaning toward more classic, basic pieces lately anyway, so it all worked out. I bought 2 skirts, 2 sweaters, and a pair of earrings from F21 over the weekend for only $23. Epic score, in my opinion! Then I picked up these wedges from Payless on Sunday while Greg and I were out running errands. I'd been missing a staple pair of black pumps in my shoe collection, and figured it was time. Plus they were only $27. I am Queen of Bargains!

The necklace was a Christmas gift from my friend Ashleigh, and I absolutely looove it. You can't really see what it looks like at all since I'm lazy and didn't get a closeup photo, but it's cool okay. I'm a fan of wearing jewelry that means something, so when someone gives me a piece of jewelry I tend to wear it often, even if it's not necessarily something I'd have bought for myself. My dad got me a necklace for Christmas as well, a pink freshwater pearl, which is worn at least a few times a week. The rings I wear all mean something to me as well. One was a high school graduation gift from my grandparents, one was bought in Camden Market in London, one I got from a market stall in Boston during a high school "field trip" out East, and the last one, my brass Claddagh ring, is from the Washington Renaissance Faire. I buy a lot of rings that break or get lost pretty quick, but the special ones always seem to stick around.

Wow that was a long ramble about jewelry, I'm sorry.

Today I received another rejection from an agent I'd queried. So naturally I'm going to send out a new batch of queries this evening. I don't fall off the horse and wallow about in the mud. I get back on. Aaaannnd that's my cheesy inspirational message of the day!

Seriously though I think the whole publishing process will be so much more rewarding in the end if I'm put through a challenge. It would be no fun if someone just came to my door and was like "I am from Random House I will publish your book now, here is a check. Goodbye." I mean... okay it would be super fun, but it wouldn't be as rewarding. I've found that when I decide to do something difficult (and I really very rarely do), that accomplishing my goal is way more awesome than if I accomplish something easy. Anyone will tell you that, and I've always known it hypothetically, but after moving to London and getting my MA I realize, from a personal standpoint, that it's true. So I'm trying to embrace the pain of rejection, and realize that I may get many many rejections, but it only takes one "yes."

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