Thursday, January 10, 2013

What do I do now?

Welp, I finished the novel. What do I do now?

I find myself a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities. I could finally watch the last series of Merlin, I could re-watch Sherlock, I could read more of the Infernal Devices series, I could mainline One Direction videos and decide which one has the best voice, I could make art, I could continue watching The Vampire Diaries even though it's awful, I could start a Supernatural journey, I could play League of Legends, I could play WoW, I could start planning the sequel to my novel, I could write something totally different, I could lie on the couch and eat Cheez-Its until I become as wide as I am tall. I could do anything.

You may be like "BUT MEG you could always do these things, what are you talking about?" Yeahhh but every time I did something like that, I felt guilty. Because my novel wasn't finished. And most of the time I was thinking, "I SHOULD BE WRITING I WANT TO WRITE" and so I was either always living in guilt, or writing. Now I don't have to feel guilty, because I deserve a break after writing and editing a novel! But also I have a lot of things I want to do, and not enough hours in the day.

PLUS I have all these social things happening suddenly? And by "all these" I mean about two, but still. Tonight I'm gonna go to the SLC Writers Group write-in, and decide where to put all the chapter breaks in my novel. ...OKAY maybe I'm not 100% finished, but I can bang that out in like an hour. And it'll be nice to write and sit in a cafe with fellow writers. Hurray!

Regardless of what I decide to do with my afternoon, my Fangirl Feels are coming back in full force... and I intend to use them.

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