Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awesome Week in Meg Land

Ah, the joys of diet Coke. Did you know, I'm legitimately addicted to pop? As in, if the fridge at work runs dry and the Coke truck hasn't come yet, I start to have a minor panic attack. Water isn't the same, and tea is too warm and un-bubbly. Coke, or Pepsi, or Dr Pepper -- those are my drugs. Or my anti-drugs, if you want to be After School Special about it. Who needs cocaine when you have good old-fashioned Coca-Cola? Yeah I know once Coke had cocaine in it, blah blah maybe it still does and that's why I'm so addicted. I love it enough to write an entire paragraph about it in my blog, apparently. Mmmm diet Coke.

I'm wearing: Old Navy skirt, H&M blouse and cardigan, F21 belt (came with a skirt).

Wore this outfit yesterday. I love this sweater, but I always plan outfits around it completely forgetting that it's too big for me. Frustrating! I got a small and it's just baggy. I'm definitely putting this one in my future blog shop, so keep an eye out.

I'd also like to "announce" that I was accepted to the Brunel University Creative Writing Novels MA program! I am beyond happy and could just pee myself with excitement. So yesterday I ordered a bunch of stuff from the ModCloth sale as a reward! ...Okay admittedly I ordered it before I heard from Brunel, but this is how I'm justifying buying a coat, a dress, and gloves before payday. Seriously though, with sale prices like that you can't expect me not to buy something.

Also it's snowing in Portland, which makes me happier than I can say. Overall it's been a pretty awesome week in Meg land! ♥


Louise said...

Congratulations, Meg! You must tell us more about the program and where you'll be living! How exciting for you.

I am enjoying the snow, too! I baked banana bread and am watching trashy reality TV while the little one sleeps.

Cute as always!

KVG said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Truly and dearly, I am so happy for you!

Did you do a victory dance? If not, I suggest you do one...they're the best.

I love your blog. Keep being you, and keep dressing amazingly.

gee said...

Congrats Beautiful!!!
i am so happy for you..!!!
i can not wait to come over and visit you.. :P
keep the snow over there..i am SO tired of it..but enjoy is a beautiful thing. <3
i <3 you!!!

ps. i limit myself to one coke zero a day..hahaha..
i was watching a TLC show called strange addiction and this women drank 30 cans a day!!!

Heather said...

I want to come live in Meg land. I bet Meg land would be the best place ever to live. Diet coke fountains, H&M closets and YOUR beautiful face. I'll start packing now. Anyway, THIS is the other sweater I was telling you about. I snagged it on sale for $10, I super loves it lots. Ha. The shoulders bother me a bit, they are poufy so I am going to sew them down because I'm lame and not at all high fashion. I'm excited for your blog shop. Eep. Blah blah blah blah. Goodnight.

The Daily Fashionista said...

Wow!! Congratulations on being admitted into school! So so exciting!! You really make things happen:)

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Official congrats, that's awesome!!!! You know what else is awesome? That cardi! You are rocking some sweet H&M digs lately :)

Kiri Bryant said...

Congrats on getting into the school!!!! that super awesome!
also im lovin that cardi

Libby said...

Wow, what exciting news...congrats! And I'll be keeping an eye out in your shop for that sweater-it's so cute! :)

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Yea Megland!! Congrats on Brunel, the shop, and helping support the Coke company (haha).

Anonymous said...

Super duper congratulations to you! I wish you the best of luck petal =]

btw, you look adorable as always =]

cla-sib said...

gorgeous outfit

xx claudia

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

CONGRATS! I am so excited for you! you're totally making me want to go back to school.

I am also super excited for your blog shop!

CAITLIN said...

yay, congrats!! that program sounds amazing. maybe i'll have to apply... :p

Isabella Kiss said...

congrats! and cute outfit. i really like that cardigan!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

That is some of the best news ever. I am so happy for you getting into Brunel University's c. writing program!!!!!!!!!!

what a lovely sweater. I hate when things are bigger than they are like that. I'm a size small in things too. sometimes xs.

You and your soda obsession are so cute.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on getting to grad school! I too have a soda addiction with Dr. Pepper being my go to drink.

.Alyspank said...

Oh hai Meg's blog- I've missed you!!

Grats again times 100000000 on getting into the school! You've made your first big step, now you need to get a place large enough for all of us to fly over and visit you!


Isabella said...

I adore that sweater!