Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Green World

It hasn't been my week so far. There seems to be a rash of bad weeks in my life lately, although I think it has more to do with me letting everything get under my skin rather than everything simply happening to me, as I imagine.

Let's visit a new world for a while, then.

I'm wearing: UO shirt, Old Navy skirt, necklace from Mom, Target tights, Ross boots.

This other world is green and quiet. There is an ocean, somewhere in the distance, and you can just see its waves glinting under the golden-hour sun. Soft grass rustles and teases your ankles, a sea of grass, and it goes on toward the water. Behind you is a wood, thick, musky with moss and decaying leaves beneath the undergrowth. Dew-filled flowers reach up and out, searching for dapples of sun. Bugs hum in the air.

There's a city, and you've been there, but you can hardly remember it. It was full of light, and it rose up as the streets went 'round and 'round to the top, cobbled with white stones.

You can't remember why you left the city, but you want to go back. You know you never can. It's only a memory now, just like the wood was, just like the ocean will be when you've sailed across it.

Try to remember how to get back. If you remember, you can go there again. But your mind is getting fuzzy. It's as though you're falling asleep without closing your eyes, and the sea of grass moves beneath you, and in the distance you finally hear the crash of waves on sand.


.Alyspank said...

Pardon me while I pack the necessities and load my cargo on the back of a horse to make way to this new world of yours. It'd be a most welcomed change to school, stresses, and honking car horns.

Tell your bad weeks to knock it the f off. Hopefully everything will start to turn around, and you'll be hit with the best weeks of your life to follow!!!!


Becky said...

At least you can still look adorable while having a shit week.

Nikki said...

The White City!


Heather said...

I'm with Aly, I'm all packed and ready to go! This was beautifully written Meg! I would welcome this world with open arms, especially since I'm currently in the middle of the snowpocalypse!

I hope your green worlds starts to seep in and become a reality for you m'love. You are also looking rather dapper darling. :D

Nicole said...

Your other world sounds as amazing as that monastery. I approve of Meg World, I do!

Btw, love the format changes! When the heck did that happen??


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I really hope your week gets better. I loved reading about this other world, I envision it as one without snow and ice.

Midwest Mayhem said...

Sorry to hear things haven't been going your way. At least you're rocking some really awesome tights though.

Rai said...

Cute <3 I love love love your new blog layout too :3 x

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

lovely photo's. loving the simplicity of your pretty outfit and cute necklace
Scrapbook de la Emma

Jenni Wells said...

Yes, that is exactly what I need. A place of dreams to escape this everlasting cold. It's easy to be bummed out towards the end of such a long, nasty season.

Your posts always brighten my day. You're very clever, always have the most adorable photos, and have a very dynamic style.

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Okay, so a few things. 1. Can I please come to this world? It sounds perfect right about now. 2. You are such an AWESOME writer. "Soft grass rustles and teases your ankles." Ahhh, TOO GOOD. 3. At least you look lovely during your bad weeks. I generally hide in unflattering sweatpants/eat a whole lot of chocolatey things. Hope your week gets better!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I just want to say. . .I could read a million books by you. The way you write is so filled with thought.

gee said...

ahh man.. cheer up charlie! i hope your week gets better!
i would totally come live in your world..it sounds perfect.
can your writing be anymore AMAZING!
everytime i write it sounds and looks like a 2nd grader wrote it. FAIL!

ps. i love the new blog layout.

Coffee and Cat Hair said...

See I don't think you'll need those boots in this new world.

Tell you what, I'll look after them for you 'cause I'm nice like that.