Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It Liiiiivvves

O HAI THAR. What have I become? I haven't updated my blog in a week. I feel like an epic failure of a blogger. It's not to say I haven't been busy, though. Busy socializing, apparently, which is weird for me since usually I'm such a hermit. I've been going out to lunch at work a lot, and then my entire weekend was pretty much spent recovering from my Friday night escapades. Blogging is hard when your brain won't work, let alone you can't get out of your PJs in order to look good for photos. Nope, the couch was my best friend on Saturday, and then Sunday was spent trekking through Washington Square Mall with Ashleigh, buying too many clothes and a pretzel to boot. After that I was much too exhausted to do anything but sit on my ass.

And then all of a sudden it was Valentine's Day! Or Venereal Disease (VD), if you want to call it that. I kind of do. I had an awesome evening with Greg, in which we made beef stroganoff and then pigged out while watching Reign of Fire streaming on Netflix. I will never stop being amazed and overjoyed by the glory that is Netflix instant watch.

I'm wearing: F21 skirt and sweater, H&M t-shirt and necklace.

Apparently I dyed my hair! Yes, yes I did. I've actually had the box of hair dye lying around for months now, probably about six months, but I am obviously too lazy to do anything until the last second, so I dyed my hair on Sunday. I love it. It's the same color I dyed it back in June, but I like it a lot more now than I did then. It makes me look so pale, which for some reason appeals to me greatly.

I've also scheduled haircuts for Greg and myself at the same time on Saturday morning, and I'm super excited! I'm not going to get mine cut any shorter than it is, just a tiny trim and then lots of layers/texture. I want my hair to be as floofy as physically and humanly possible.

I'm trying to come up with a cute, low-maintenance haircut for Greg to get. I really want him to do something other than the basic really-short-all-over thing, which he always gets. I've been browsing Lookbook for ideas, but he says they're all too "emo" whatever that means, so I'm curious -- how do your boyfriends and boy friends get their hair cut? What's a cool way I can request to have Greg's hair done so he looks like a sexy modern geek man? Also he never styles his hair. HELP? I'm lost on this one.

Anyhow, tomorrow I'll be posting my outfit from Venereal Disease. I liked it lots. You will too! I hope.

Also, please continue to send good vibes, thoughts, and prayers my way for grad school. I've submitted all of my applications and it's only a matter of waiting now. London!


Between Laundry Days said...

Oh, I'm totes sending good grad school thoughts your way!

I love the peach + stripes!

emma basilone said...

I love this outfit =) It looks effortless but awesome, I think I need a stripped skirt, I will be on the look out!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Make him get the Justin Bieber hair. BIEBS FOR EVER MEG!

And fingers crossed for you with grad school-- you've got this!

ps: You hair is gorgeous. The Biebs would approve.

Laura Sue said...

Yey! I've been waiting so long for a post! Your hair looks really good--can't wait to see it in person!
<3 Mom

Lief said...

Oh you. You and your funny blog. You and your funny blog and your nice hair. Hey! Your boy should get a Conor cut.


Oh, cute!

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

"while watching Reign of Fire streaming on Netflix"

Oh, the epitome of romance (gosh, I LOVE that movie). And seriously, loving the hair and the skirt, and fingers crossed about grand school, for sure!

Mugdha said...

I always say short-but-not-buzzed is a good haircut on guys!
ps. love that skirt!

Shibby said...

My bf usually does that but at the moment he's just leaving it to grow and I like it :) I can't really help any more than that though.

Love the outfit! :)

Anonymous said...

I dye my hair super red because I like how pale I look too =]
It's better than being fake-tanned! *vomits*

Your outfit is lovely btw =]

Michal said...

You look awesome possum. I love the color of your shirt. also, pale skin w/dark hair is always a win in my book. It's the best. Like Snow White.

Totally sending good vibes your way! I wanna visit you in London! ^_^


Mo said...

Love this outfit and reading your blog. It's great!

She is Sara said...

Tummy!! I wanna poke you! You are so damn cute lady! I agree, the hair is awesome, I like looking pale too, it works.

Oh I am excited for haircuts! Kyle gets the same as Greg i think, just really short. But keeps the 'burns. I can't wait to see what you figure out for him, Kyle might want to branch out if he sees that other guys re doing it too :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

well my hubby gets his hair done at a barber asking for 50s hairstyles and he uses pomade to style it, so I don't know what to tell you about Greg's hair since I doubt you'd want him to style it that way haha.

I love how your hair looks though very much. Great color. You're adorable.

HollyElise said...

My man cuts his own hair with clippers in the bathroom. And then looks like a Space Marine for a couple days until it grows out slightly. (unless he's left a bit of beard, which I like)

I have no suggestions, but your hair looks lovely and your cut plans sound fantastic. Also now I *really* want to re-dye my hair (but I can't until I am out of my first trimester of pregnancy...)

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

I love that skirt. And your hair looks awesome. Now I want to color mine, haha.

Good luck with Greg! I've been trying to change my boyfriend's look since I met him. I'll let him keep his hair, but I'm dying for him to get some style. His clothes are so sad.

Rosie [a rosie outlook] said...

I just found your blog and I'm glad I did as it's lovely! Really like these photos of your outfit. I love the peachy colour and the stripes together.

EevvaStyle said...

you look so great!

Amber Blue Bird said...

I named my valetines day post VD, great minds think alike :)

margarita ts said...

nice skirt!!

gee said...

lots and lots of good vibes heading towards you!
netflix is the most wonderful thing ever..!
esp. the instant dr who episodes! yesss!
can i have your tiny waist?
beautiful as always Meg..!

Heather said...

First off, holy dang you've hit 300+ followers! Major kudos to you and your super awesome blog!! I'm so excited for you. Anyway, I love your blog. And your outfit. And your new hair color. Basically, I love you lots.

Anywho, Jeff's hair is always a hot mess, but I dig it. Yep, I "dig" it. I suck with boy haircuts though, but definitely try to avoid the emo thing, not sexy!

Crossing my fingers for you and your other school apps, chin up m'dear! :)