Saturday, February 19, 2011

Put a Bird On It

I worry a lot. This is not a new thing. However, my latest worry is that I'm becoming an alcoholic. I believe this fear was instilled in me by my dear mother, who I love more than anything, but who probably worries even more than I do at times, and once gave me the impression that if I ever once tried hard alcohol that I'd quickly begin the downward spiral into the blissful oblivion of lush-dom. So now, whenever I have a beer with dinner just because I like the taste of beer now, I'm filled with a vague terror: Does this mean I'm an alcoholic?

I voiced my concerns to Greg, who promptly laughed at me. "Get drunk every night for a few weeks in a row, then we'll have a talk," he said. "You're not an alcoholic, you're just normal." When I told my friends Rose and Matt about my worries, Matt said, "I think that just means you're becoming a Portlander." So this whole pint-with-dinner thing... is normal? I'm not going to wake up one morning in the gutter, covered in rat feces, wondering how I got there and why all my dollar bills are gone?

I do like beer though, especially microbrews. I wish there were more Montana brews on tap here. I'd like a good Cold Smoke once in a while -- that stuff was strong! Delicious, yet strong.

I'm wearing: F21 dress and belt, H&M cardi and necklace.

I wore this outfit yesterday, and I think it's one of my favorites ever. I felt awesome all day, which always means I've chosen well outfit-wise. All of these items are pretty new, the dress being the newest. I saw it back in December at the Washington Square F21, but they didn't have my size. I kept thinking about it (peter pan collar and stripes, yes please), and finally found it on sale on the F21 website for $8.99! Obviously I had to order it. I love it to death, and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it! (You can find it here, still on sale, although it's listed as a "tunic"... apparently I am super short and wear shirts as dresses now.)

I also got this sweater on sale, on impulse, and I love it already. The color is not something I'd usually go for, but the black bird print sold me on it. Reminds me of the Portlandia sketch "Put a Bird On It!" Greg is horrified by Portlandia -- it's a bit too close to reality for him, considering he's already put off by the whole hipster, trendy vibe of Portland. He says it's too realistic to be funny, which I think is hilarious!

My new favorite color combination, I've decided, is black/white/this color (light peach?). Or like a light mauve, or taupe. Yeah, taupe. I like taupe. Put a bird on it!


gee said...

you are normal. :P
i do not drink anymore BUT my husband drinks enough for the both of us. HOLY COW..does he love drinking.. his family drink is Jack's a crazy time with my in-laws. they actually all took shots of JD at my wedding to remember his grandpa in the church...

i love love love this outfit. i will buy anything with quirky things on it is birds, teacups, dogs,bows or ducks..i will buy it..!!!
you are beautiful as you get tired of me saying that!?!
enjoy the rest of your weekend..drink a beer.

Laura Sue said...

Cute outfit!!!! On a very cute girl.

Okay, I think you have taken every "wise lesson" I gave you as a child and somehow morphed them into hair-raisingly horrifying fairy tales. Did I really frighten you that badly? Am I as crazy as I sound in your renditions of my tales of warning? (haha, yeah I probably am... :-))

P.S. I DO NOT think you are an alcoholic! A pint with dinner sounds normal and nice.

Love you! Mum

Anonymous said...

I think this is my favourite outfit I've seen on you! Love the birds =]

And don't worry. You're FAR from being an alcoholic. I can say this with a high degree of certainty because I'm Irish. =]


Stacey Kay said...

Nice mix of prints. I love your photos.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Shopping guide to achieve ‘hipster chic’
My Vintage Handbag Line

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

meg, please teach me how to like beer. i just can't! i don't drink it that much to begin with, but i feel like a total weirdo because i don't like it.

also. i am obsessed with that cardigan. i need to see if the shitty pop-up h&m here actually has it because i love it. animal prints are the best.

April, Everyday Forgotten said...

I honestly do not know how you can drink beer! Yuk! haha, I'd much rather sit and have a cider or maybe even some vodka :/ I think thats a bit more terrifying than beer haha! hmm, maybe?

I looveeeee the cardigan! Especially that cardigan with the dress!

Heather said...

You are not alcoholic dear Meg! Jeff has a beer with dinner every once in awhile just because he likes the taste. I don't think having a pint with a meal is a big deal at all!

So I don't know if I love you or hate you right now. I only hate you because now I have a dang Beyonce song stuck in my head, ughh! But I love you because I love you. AND I'm going to H&M tomorrow in hopes of finding this sweater. I need it. Seriously, I need it. Anyway, I don't hate you at all. Have a good night. :)

Michal said...

Looove the outfit.

bahaha You are not an alcoholic! Pints with dinner are a great thing.

Darin said...

First of all, I think it's great that you have the awareness of your alcohol intake-- reason one why you are not an alcoholic. A beer or wine with dinner is commendable and Oregon-ish of you!
Second of all, put a bird on it. AAAAUGGGH!

Thirdly, I want that dress! So cute! Thank you for linking to it!

emma basilone said...

love this look too! Great sweater!


Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

sweet mixing of prints, i love it

readwatchrelax said...

The Hubs and I can't get enough of Portlandia! We crack up everytime and totally have the song stuck in our heads "the dream of the 90's..." awesome sweater btw! :)

aliboo! said...

You did choose well outfit-wise! Totally adorable. And I love Portlandia too, because it's so real. Living so close to Portland a lot of my friends have moved there (because Seattle used to be cool, but now Portland is lols) and its just so funny how true it is! And hey we all do things that "hipsters" do, who cares? Also, I miss pints with dinner! Beer just always makes me sick.

EevvaStyle said...

great sweater!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Very lovely outfit, really! I've never thinking about the combination stripes and pattern but it looks great! I should be more courageous :-)

I come from Czech Republic, which is well-known as a country of beer. We have traditional meals which require drinking bear, because they are too heavy. Czechs drink loads of beer, but they love only czech beer - with a tall cap of foam. For other nationality is dissgusting :-) And yes, you are definitelly normal! To be an alcoholic is determined by your genetic dispositions.

Have a nice rest of the weekend!

Cat said...

I love your blog, all your outfits are gorgeous, but I think this one's my fav. <3

Following. :) x

Ann. said...

the pattern combo stripes/birds goes so well (: really liked it. &I'm also super short & always have to wear shirts as dresses. how "short" are you? :P love, Ann

Lief said...

Aw, your mother posted a comment on here! That is so nice! As for the feeling regarding alcohol... I am familiar with that. I too have been raised in a way that sort of explained alcohol (and smoking and drugs) to be very bad. I remember thinking to myself as a pre-teen that I would try alcohol once but never again. And even then I felt like that made me a bit of a rebel. O.O

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

You are such a worry wart! Trust me, as someone who has known an alcoholic, you are not one. Greg is right, if you get drunk every day, then you may have a problem. You're in the clear lady.

This cardigan is pure awesomeness. If you ever put this up for swap, you better let me know first!

Robyn said...

I ha a really similar conversation with my boyfriend last month! I thought I was the only one. Only with me, I get cranky after I have a beer or a glass of wine. Just a little crabby. I was convinced this meant I was an alcoholic because I would drink even though I knew I was going to be upset afterwards...just because I like the taste. My boyfriend proceeded to laugh and look at me like a crazy person. But I worry... oh well.

Nicole said...

This is one of my favorite outfits on you!!! Everything is perfect :)

And if you're lushy, well then... I am probably in deeper trouble than you ;) The Hubby and I really love microbrews too, and there is usually a few brewskies in our fridge at all times. This is not counting our full-ish bar too. Not that we're partying 24-7, but still! You are far from being alcoholic silly :)

Jenni Wells said...

I've just started watching Portlandia. I think it has its moments and could really be awesome when they figure out which direction they want to take it. I've only seen the first couple of episodes so hopefully as the season progresses the sketches will too. Regardless, yes, this may be my favorite too!!

Being a first time bang-haver I am finding is very difficult to trim them myself. I have watched videos and gotten advice from the pros but I'm not sure if I can ever get the hang of it!

Your blue H&M skirt is soo cute! I think I have the same one in black- did it come with removable jumper straps?

The Body Electric said...

LOVE that sweater!!!! reminds me of this

which is making fun of those of us that love birds on things...but it's still funny!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

No wonder why this outfit is one of your favorites ever. it is so very gorgeous that it makes perfect sense for it to be so!

I've never had even a sip of soda, let alone alcohol or beer. . . the soda I can't explain but the alcohol is because I have a huge line of alcoholics in my family and it is just REALLY BAD so I just decided to never try it and my life is fine that way. is that odd?