Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Design Coyote Blog Designs

Yo what's up, blogosphere? ...Other than gratuitous Matt Smith. Having a wonderful Tuesday, I hope! My Tuesday has been absolutely outstanding, especially now that I'm home watching Sherlock and eating chocolate digestives. Ah, life is grand.

That said, I wanted to take a moment to share something pretty cool with you guys! My friend Nikki, whom I've known since before the beginning of the internet it seems, is an incredible web designer and has been since I knew her. She's the one who created this awesome layout for my blog, which I completely love, and which is exactly what I had in mind for ages with my blog but could never pull off myself. She runs her own design site, Design Coyote, where you can learn more about her designs.

So, Nikki and I had a top secret online bestie conference, and decided we'd love to offer my readers a special deal for custom blog designs! What Nikki is offering is:

♥ $50 blog designs by Nikki! (custom banner, background, fonts, and colors)
♥ Lasts until April 1st.
♥ One-time deal with small revisions.
♥ Check out Nikki's portfolio here, for an idea of what else she can do (but remember, this deal only applies to a simple blog design with the elements listed above).

Nikki has been ridiculously generous in doing this, not gonna lie, usually she is much more expensive -- her designs are awesome. So get it while it lasts! It's totally worth it.

To get your custom blog design, you must fill out THIS FORM and in the "referred by" field, put "Meg" or "Bow Ties Are Cool". Fill out the quote form as much as you can to give an idea of what you want, but ignore the Project/Budget fields. You also must be on Blogger to get the discount.

This is a pretty sweet deal, and Nikki is a dream to work with, so begone, get a custom blog design!


elbee said...

I approve of this post. I, too, would also recommend Nikki.

(just spreading the love here)

Laurelann said...

THANK YOU. It's like an answered prayer.

Devon said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG, bow ties are DEFINITELY cool (reminds me of Doctor Who, haha) Following x

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

her work is amazing. Unfortunately my blog won't change for a few months so hopefully people aren't bored of looking at it. However in the future I'll go to you girls and see how much it will cost when that time comes.

robin said...

Well, I would be all over this in a hot second but I'm no longer on Blogger **tears of regret** Nikki is awesome.