Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today I was going to trek the 5 or so blocks from our apartment to Stumptown Coffee, as I haven't actually gone there yet... I know, what kind of Portlander am I? I haven't been to Voodoo Donuts either since we moved, but in my defense, I'm trying to watch what I eat. And I've been there in the past, so it's not entirely pressing that I consume a million donuts from Voodoo (and, don't worry, I would consume millions if I allowed myself to enter the premises). However, I ended up just nipping around the corner to Bare Bones, which was a good choice, as the barista was so sweet and made me the best skinny vanilla latte ever. ♥

Speaking of pastries! My outfit today is decidedly French inspired. Stereotypically, at any rate. I did take a year of French in college, but as these things do, it's completely fled my memory. I remember how to say "I don't understand," and that's pretty much it. It's no wonder I got a D in 102. German is much easier, and much more fun! Kids, take German, not French.

I'm wearing: Express skirt and top, Target tights and necklace, GoJane shoes, F21 beret.

I'm throwing some artsy vegetation shots in there for my mom. For some reason I think she'd really love the whole overgrown, green look of Portland residential areas, so here you go Mom! These photos were all taken within 2 blocks of our place, and it just gets greener and more overgrown. And so much moss! I think I might make a terrarium one of these days. Just a simple one with moss and a little plant or two. Have any of you made a terrarium? I think they're so cool!


Laura Sue said...

Well, I have DEFINITELY been noticing the mossy, green lushness in the background of your pics--love it! Can't wait to see it all in person in August!!!!

elbee said...

I am jealous of your vegetation shots. Sometimes I get tired of the desert. :(

PS your skirt reminds me of those camping cups that fold into themselves. But, you know, upside down. I think it's really cute.

Rose said...

You look amazing in this! So cute