Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday USA!

I'm getting my blog post done a bit late tonight, it being 12:30 and actually not July 4th anymore. I was busy all evening with Greg, though, and didn't have time to write up a whole post. We made hamburgers and fries, gorged on Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and watched 1776. Okay, I made Greg watch it partially against his will, but he sat through all three hours of it, with only a few pained glances in my direction. He's such a sweet, long-suffering boyfriend. ♥ What a sport.

Well, if that wasn't enough torture for one man, I then made him watch the 4th of July episode of Liberty's Kids too. It was only half an hour, though! And it was my favorite thing ever back in high school. The best grade I got in AP US History was the American Revolution quiz, and that was solely because I obsessively watched Liberty's Kids every day after school with two s'mores Pop Tarts and a Dr Pepper. Never say children's television isn't educational! Well, PBS children's television at any rate. I kind of miss the simple pleasures of high school.

I'm wearing: Dress from Ross, F21 belt, Target shoes and tights.

So this is my lovely red, white, and blue outfit! I planned it last week, but I had to wait all this time to finally wear it. It's not that exciting, but it's super patriotic! I may not agree with my government at times, and I may be disgusted by a great many ignorant, unhealthy, and bigoted Americans, but I do love my country. It's so diverse and ridiculous. And it's positively overflowing with confidence. I love that. And I have a gigantic crush on Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, historical Founding Hotties. Need I say more?


Sara Lynn said...

Perfect outfit for the 4th! I really love your hair :)

I have to admit that I loved kids shows. I watched Bill Nye the Science Guy all the damn time when it was on. It was my favorite show :)

elbee said...

I remember Liberty's Kids on PBS. I was probably a year or two older than the target demographic, but meh. If I remember correctly, didn't some of the characters have fake British accents? I thought those were the best.

Rose said...

Amazing! I watched "Tropic Thunder" haha. And wore my striped blue and red dress.
Yay Independence Day.

I also looooooooooove your shoes.

Meg! said...

Yay Rose! We rock at wearing patriotic stuff. Love.

Teresa said...

Love this outfit! It's so cute and definitely perfect for the 4th! :)