Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Business Fun

I had an "interview" with CampusPoint today, an agency that helps students and recent grads find jobs. It was a fun and exciting group interview. Group things always make me feel super awkward and judged. I'm sure nobody is actually judging me, but it's so awkward answering silly interview-type questions in front of like 8 other people. I'm so relieved it's over! I'm also pretty hopeful about finding a job through them; they sound like they'll be a really great resource.

I'm wearing: F21 skirt and blouse, Target tights, Aldo shoes.

Shortly before my first interview here in Portland (which didn't actually end up happening thanks to communication fail -- thanks, Goodwill Industries), I realized I didn't have any professional clothes aside from a bunch of pinstriped hand-me-downs. I figured I should wear something that would make me feel confident, so I picked up this skirt and blouse from Forever21. Admittedly I wasn't very picky and kind of just grabbed the first two "business" items I found that went together, but I'm quite happy with the results. I feel young and stylish, but very put together and ready for interviews! It's the first step to becoming a real professional. It's funny how clothes can so often affect our feelings and goals. Now that I have an interviewing uniform, I'm prepared and motivated!

I think I'm going to make a jaunt down to 82nd after rush hour; I discovered a Value Village down there last time Greg and I went to Walmart. It's a super sketchy area of town, kind of far away, but I'm in such dire need of new clothes that I'll risk my sanity for such an endeavor. I've always had good luck at the Value Villages in Spokane, so hopefully this one will deliver. Wish me luck!


Nicole said...

Meg, great post! It really summarizes what my blog is going for... I may just have to reference you in an upcoming post ;)

Good luck with interviews! If you need any advice, seriously, e-mail me. The market is rough out there!


Flashes of Style said...

You look adorable! <3

Laura Sue said...

Oh man, you are one gorgeous girl!! Nice choice of outfit--you have perfectly achieved professionalism while retaining your own style. Well done!!

Shelby said...

i love the bow detail on the skirt!

Helen said...

I love that skirt! Have been looking for a similar one but can't find any in the UK! x

Chaucee said...

That is such an adorable skirt! I love the bow!

emilywilson said...

this is THE cutest outfit!! x
nice blog :) im following x

Teresa said...

WAH! Your bow skirt is LOVE!!! I will make myself one soon! :D

♥ Teresa ♥

Lady Short Legs said...

That is one cute outfit, and very flattering head to toe, and darling shoes too.

By the way I love Doctor Who, may favorites are David Tennant and Matt Smith.
Bow ties are cool indeed.