Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Featured Friend!

Before I depart for the night to watch silly vampire television and eat ice cream, I want to share a super awesome blogger friend with you guys. Online she goes by Elbee (which happens to be the name of her blog), and I've known her for so many years now it's hard to remember when we first met, although I do believe it was through our mutual friend Nikki of Snailbird.com (which you should also check out; she is a web designer extraordinaire). We got to know each other on livejournal, and she's always been an awesome presence on the web as well as a good friend.

The reason I'm featuring Elbee here is because she's started a super cool project on her blog. She lives in Phoenix, and suffers from ridiculously hot weather, so she wanted to see if she could survive the sweltering summer months while staying stylish! I know how hard it is to look cute when it's 90+ degrees outside, so major props to Elbee for busting out cute look after cute look in such yucky weather.

I love the way she pulls off a casual, feminine and stylish look while looking so natural and cute. And look at her badass plugs! Adorable! ♥

Elbee's blog isn't just a style blog, it's also where she records her thoughts and day-to-day happenings. However, I love her outfit shots and I think you will too! Her blog is a great read regardless, so hop on over and check her out at elbee (agar). I highly recommend it; she is super awesome to the max!


Sara Lynn said...

Oh she is so cute! I am going to go check out her blog :)

Nikki said...

Aww, I love Elbee. She's so pretty. <3

Thanks for the plug, Meg darling!

Abi-Anne said...

She looks adorable. I love the blue dress in the first photo. I'll be sure to stop by her blog.