Monday, July 12, 2010

Black & White Romanticism

Thank the heavens. It's in the 70s and windy today. At last, a respite from the overbearing and energy-sapping heat! You can blame 90-something temperatures for my absence from the blog. It's just not that fun getting all dressed up and taking photos out in the sweltering heat, especially if you're just going to take it all off again once you get back inside. To my relief, today I woke up to a much milder day, and thought it would be the perfect time to style this new dress I found at Buffalo Exchange.

I'm wearing: Thrifted dress, Target tights, Aldo shoes, F21 earrings.

Greg and I recently started watching Leverage, a dramedy (this word needs to be used more) about a crew of thieves who steal from the rich and give back to those who have been wronged by said rich dudes. It's very Robin Hood-esque, but totally entertaining, and they film it here in Portland! It's fun recognizing landmarks in the background of outdoor shots. Sadly we've already nearly finished season 2, so once we're caught up we plan on starting Fringe. Do any of you watch it? Thoughts?


Delightfully Tacky said...

Fringe is like my absolute favorite show of the past year. LOVE it.

And as for the show I had a dream about... the character was Mack from The Unit. My little brother got me into the show and he bought all the seasons on DVD, so I kinda became obsessed for a couple weeks.

Helen said...

When I woke up this morning and felt a slight chill in the air I was delighted! Even in the UK we've been having awfully humid weather.

You look adorable. Love that dress!


Diana, Songs and Fairy Tales said...

I totally agree..taking pics in the heat is awful!!
You look adorable! I love the dress and how you styled it! The shoes and your earrings are so cute!

Songs and Fairy Tales

Nikki said...

I love Leverage. And Fringe. Fringe is like the new X-Files (only not quite as good). Do you watch Bones? F'ing love that show so much.

Meg, darling, you're so adorable. I love this outfit. <3

Nicole said...

I also hate taking pics in the heat... yesterday I went inside and sacrificed photo quality just so I wouldn't melt before work :P

Oh Fringe is awesome! You'll definitely enjoy it. I personally refuse to call Joshua Jackson's character anything other than Pacey :)


The Owl Diary said...

I'm hating the heat as well-- it's been 110 degrees here in Arizona. It's unbearable to go outside. But I'm loving your dress & I absolutely adore Buffalo Exchange. xx

Thistle said...

So nice to find another Portlander! I absolutely love that dress!

A friend of mine recently had some people visiting from out of town who commented on the number of people wearing cutoff shorts... I think hot weather just catches everybody by surprise! All we can do is cut our jeans apart and lounge around.

Shelby said...

you have such a great blog. i'm really loving the black and white look. i'll be checking you out more often!

Claire said...

love the dress, esp the dress and the earings! so pretty. XOXO :)

Rūta said...

That's a very beautiful dress and outfit. Earings are a great last touch!