Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Om Nom Tim Tams

It is effing FREEZING in our apartment! And I'm too cheap to turn the heat on, so I'm huddled under a blanket with my fingers going numb as I type. It's not even that cold out. It's probably even above freezing, as it's raining out there in the dreary dark winter night. Kinda depressing. I may heat up some hot cocoa or cider here in a bit, and perhaps indulge in a Tim Tam, although I really should stick to my diet. Poop. That's what I get for eating way too much over Christmas and New Years!

I'm wearing: Wet Seal top, F21 belt and sweater, Old Navy skirt, earrings from friend (from Mexico!), necklace from Mom.

Again, wearing the silly black booties that are amazing and go with everything.

I realized that the reason I always end up posting pictures of myself in which I'm looking down (presumably at the floor) is because my glasses make my eyes look weird in photos! Seriously. What happens is the top part of the frame obscures the tops of my eyes, and then I look weird and owlish or something. I don't know, but it angers me. So I end up posting a billion photos in which I'm staring down at the ground for no reason. This annoys me, because who wants to look at photos of me staring at the ground over and over? Blergh. I wish my glasses didn't do that. Oh well, maybe I'll just lie from now on and say there's a tiny sloth that appears at my right ankle every day when I'm taking photos, and I have to keep an eye on it otherwise it will try to eat my Tim Tams.

Speaking of foreign snacks, why on earth are Digestives so flipping expensive at the store? Seriously. I know they're like, imported or whatever, but I want to eat them without spending $6+ per package! American snacks are so inferior to them. They're not too sweet, but so crunchy and satisfying. Where can I buy cheapo Digestives, people?

I think I'm going to convince Greg to see Season of the Witch with me this weekend (hopefully Friday). It doesn't even look that outstanding, but I can't resist a fantasy/historical drama, and Robert Sheehan is in it! Greg and I saw a TV spot for it, and I asked if I'd just spotted the guy from Misfits in it, and Greg didn't know. So I looked it up. And I had! Hey, Irish dudes. You have hot accents.

Finally, here's another picture of me doing that annoying fish lips thing!


maggeygrace said...

I always feel like when it's raining and in the 40's, it's colder than when it's snowing and in the 30's! I don't know why. I guess because it makes everything damp and eerie and depressing? I don't know! haha.

I loveee that red belt!

gee said...

i wanted to go Season of the WItch because the hubs and i enjoy movies like that...BUT..i can not stand Nicolas Cage..! ugh.
(unless i am watching Raising Arizona)

the looking down pose is the best! haha... :)
i ALLLLWAYS do it in my pictures bc i like my profile better than straight on..i feel like i look like a goober. plus, i actually wear glasses and dont even bother wearing them in pictures bc they glare so horribly.

stay warm look beautiful and you are rocking those pigtails! <3

The Daily Fashionista said...

Ah Nicholas Cage! There's just something about him...hehe..Okay not really. Except maybe in Valley Girls. Anyways, what are Digesives? They sounds very healthful.

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Eeep! Cold. Not good. Ever. I vote turn the heat on. Or go to a public place where they have free heat (even better).

Is it weird that that last picture reminds me of Keiko Lynn? Because it does. Loving the belt (color pop, win!), and your adorable adorable hair. And now I want a Tim Tam. I don't even know what that is and I want one. Right with you on the post holiday I-should-diet-but-don't-wanna thing. Ugh.

Mama Wolf said...

Dang, I can't even imagine how cold it is where you are! when it gets into the 50's here I turn into a big ol' baby, but hey! I live in So-Cal.
Stay warm! and hey! i love those glasses of yours.

lizzle said...

Ah! I just read a recipe for Digestives yesterday!

Here it is, about halfway down the page.


Kellie W. said...

My glasses do that in pictures too! That's why I never post pictures of myself in them-they always turn out looking like my eyes are bulging out of my skull. Weird. Well, at least now I know it's not just my eyes being ridiculous, ha!

nynga said...

I've been a follower of yours for a while. & I realized...I never comment on your blog. Boom! NOW I'M OUT OF HIDING.

Anyway, I really love your sweater. :D

& Season of the Witch! I like Robert Sheehan (& I loooooove Misfits), but Ron Perlman is my main reason for seeing it. Plus it looks like my type of movie.

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

It's always freezing in my house in the winter! And I have like two layers of blankets and sweaters on all the time. It's because my dad refuses to put it above a certain temp to raise money. And I always say "but dad, I have hypothyroidism, I get cold easy!" and he tells me to get another blanket. Bah, that's my tragic story.

Louise said...

Boo to cold houses! Ugh, I hate them. I must say that every time you wear that sweater, my face turns positively green with envy. Green, I tell you!

Shibby said...

I love how you state that american snacks are inferior, I couldn't actually comment but I know how good the english ones are :)

I want your necklace!

Hope you warm up soon :)

Rai said...

The heating isn't working in my house so its all brrrr here too :c I love your hair up like that!! xx

L. said...

I love the title of your blog! Doctor Who is awesome, as are bow ties!
I like your Fair Isle style jumper and the way you styled your outfit :)

Poppy. said...

I didn't realise digestives weren't everywhere and fantastically cheap like they are here (Ireland)!
Never again will I take my digestives for granted.

Also, I just had to google 'Tim Tam' because I had no idea they existed.

I can empathise with the coldness and ick, as it's freeeeezing here, and I've just gotten my water back after about a week of broken and frozen pipes. Stoopid winter.
Stay warm!x

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww cute little piggi-tails!!! Love your belt and how it brings this outfit together while also separating things too. Also the details in the sleeves are sweet.

You are so nice with the comments you leave me. I love how you describe things!! You are extremely pretty yourself, you know? It's true. You're gorgeous.

Lauren said...

You look cute, and I am cold as well... I'm a terrible person in charge of bills and keep the heat at maybe 60? hahah. Evil I tell you, evil! Uh and don't even start me on diets... blerg.

orhus is my word verification... It kinda reminds me of orifice.

Bryce said...

I just realized that I have the same problem with my glasses! I only ever like the pictures where I'm not looking directly at the camera.

.Alyspank said...

If I could replace Nicolas Cage with an actor that didn't make me want to rip heads off, I would be ten million different kinds of all over that movie. Love me some fantasy flicks!

And I totally know what you mean about your glasses! That's part of the reason I hardly ever wear them in my shots. If they aren't dividing my eye balls in two, then they're making me look like I have a unibrow! Damnit glasses, just knock it off!

Is.. is that a 2 way cardigan? Because the print on the inside is just as cute as the outside. I've probably been fooled, and it's just the stitching. Oh well. Someone has to be able to wear the dunce cap around here and I'm just the girl to do it!

I seriously love how colorful most of your outfits are. I'm always afraid if I throw too many colors into an outfit, that I'll look like Rainbow Bright in the most non flattering fashion. But you always have color in the perfect dosage!


Amber Blue Bird said...

i used to do the same thing and never turn the heat on, but luckily now we have this stove thing that keeps our home warm. I like this outfit on you especially your belt, the pop of color looks great

Marta said...

simple, but chic!

aliboo! said...

I buy Digestives at World Market, they aren't too expensive there :)

And they are soooo good. Digestives and pocky two of my favorite things!

Nnenna said...

Love your outfit- especially that adorable cardigan! :)

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I get bummed out over the price of Digestives, too! The Cadbury brand are a little bit cheaper here, but only by a dollar or so. Have you tried their oat & chocolate chip biscuits? They're so incredibly yummy!

Your big red belt is awesome. I love how perfectly it brings the whole outfit together.