Tuesday, January 11, 2011

why don't you be the writer

Remember in the last post how I was all excited to start looking into postgraduate studies in England? Well apparently I don't do things I'm excited about by halves. I spent about 7 hours today (while waiting for calls to come through at work) researching schools in England, especially London, and trying to figure out just how the hell their graduate programs work and how the hell I'm expected to work it all out on my own. I sent out a few "enquiries" (hahahahaha omg British-isms), so hopefully they'll get back to me and shed some light upon the UK graduate educational system.

I did manage to work myself into a frenzied ball of anxiety and stress in the meantime, though. By the afternoon I had a blazing headache, I'd drunk two cups of tea and two diet Cokes, and I couldn't stop fidgeting. I think I was talking on the phone way too fast.

So yeah, I am really good at making myself physically ill when stressed!! Greg calmed me down when I came home, though. He is the best.

I'm wearing: F21 dress, Aldo shoes, UO cardigan, H&M necklace.

I'm listening to "The Writer" by Ellie Goulding on repeat. It reminds me of when I first drove out to Portland all by myself, last May. Greg was still in Missoula, and I was staying with friends, but I felt so lonely. Despite being scared and lonesome, I also felt incredibly alive -- there I was, jobless and homeless, in a brand new city starting a brand new life. It was the most terrifying, most exhilarating feeling.

Maybe that's why I've suddenly become so obsessed with the prospect of going to England for school. It's the adventure, the feeling of everything new and scary and different. I have a decided wanderlust, despite the fact that it's often hidden by my anxiety and fear of change. Maybe when I become a therapist I can make myself less anxiety-ridden. Or perhaps I'll have to see my own separate therapist for that.

So yeah, everyone go check out Ellie Goulding's music! I linked to a couple vids on my twitter if you're curious.


gee said...

is that your new cardigan?
i loove it.

ok. well when you do go to England..you have to let us come and stay with you.
i realllllllly want to go so bad..if you do not go there for Grad school then maybe the blogger girls can take a trip together over there and be amazing!
ADVENTURES are what life is all about. jobs and bills get in the way to often.

like always... because i am on repeat all the time.
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! i can never say it enough!

Heather said...

Oh how I wish we shared closets! Haha. I love this cardigan, I'm obsessed with the whole "camel" color deal.

And I completely agree with Gee, I would do whatever I could to come visit you! I want to go to England so badly, I looked into studying abroad but nursing has too many rules (laaame)! We could all cure out wanderlusts together and experience new things. I just want to live vicariously through you now! Good luck with everything!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

This outfit is so pretty and adorable and I love it so much. I snorted a little when I read your "omg British-isms"

Hope that your stress level reduces a tad bit.
I'm going to listen to that song now that you like so much.

Hannah said...

Oh gosh, I've missed out on your blog for like the last 2 weeks. Luckily I just got all caught up on your life.

Woooooo, London! That would be awesome I could see you fitting in there well! Good luck with making the plans. Don't stress yourself out too much, you're still young and have tons of time to travel! :)

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

dearest meg, please teach me how to make awesome faces. mine are boring and i'm jealous of yours.

& i agree with gee and heather. please please move to london and let us visit you! you can show us all the cool, british-y places you go to and we can drink tea :)

freesia said...

Dont stress please, altough you look so cute making stressed faces.
Very cute

.Alyspank said...

I like how everyone wants invites to your future, swank British pad. I'm just going to ship myself internationally to you. Who cares if I'm claustrophobic! Imma drug myself up, have someone poke holes in my box and away I go. I just hope fragile is written on my box.

Diggin' your new cardi! It's so tiny and the color looks way good on you :) Great look all together- definitely London and crumpet worthy.


Lula said...

Hope your stress levels are better girl! And YAY for British-isms. I'm doing a Burberry perfume giveaway on my blog, you should participate! I'd love you too anyways!

Sarah @ Doormouse Doodles said...

Love the shoes! The hubster and I wore shoes like that for our wedding day. Aaaaand he wore Spider-Man socks. I <3 his nerdiness ohsomuch.

Also, it sounds like you're practically British already! Tea, British pop culture...keep the faith! You'll figure it out! :) :)

Outofseasonface said...

Awe yay! I am glad you're getting a move on with everything, are you planning on going next year for school? if you get frustrated with any of the application stuff or any other questions let me know! I've got a bit of experience with their system because i've studied there before :)

Love love love that dress and your face expressions :D

Chloe Trayner said...

Hey, I'm from England and currently in University, I can help as much as I can if you'd like but I'm not too polished on the international study front. What schools are you looking at? Love this casual look by the way, camel and check look great together. x

Amber Blue Bird said...

an adventure to england sounds amazing but i can only imagine how hard it is to get all that goes along with it straightened out. i hope you get responses to your "enquiries" soon

Dahl said...

Such a cool dress! I love the silhouette and the check pattern. Wow England for graduate school? That sounds like such a fun adventure, I hope you're able to figure out the whole system over there. And I'm in love with your shoes and that necklace! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

Stacey Kay said...

New to your blog. LOVE IT! Great outfit, and I love your poses.

Follow each other?

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

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Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

love those colors together. my friend did grad school in england as an american...heres her blog http://digthatbird.net/
if you wanted to check it out/ask her questions she would probably give you the scoop from her perspective.

Lauren said...

grad school application will give you an anxiety attack and so will the GRE. So don't be surprised. That's the best advice I got. And good thing about UK is their grad school programs are only 1 year unlike the US 2 year programs.


PhotoPuddle said...

Ooo, you're coming to England. How exciting!

Midwest Mayhem said...

Oh wow, I love those shoes! Good luck on figuring out grad school in England, that would be so much fun!

Flashes of Style said...

Voted for you on Amanda's blog! I really love your shoes :)

arnique said...

Good luck! My dream used to be postgrad at London School of Economics, but I've recently realized that I really just wanted to LIVE in the UK rather than study, so now I'm working towards (and I expect it to be HARD work) a LLM in University of Chicago instead. Still, I've got to finish law school first. :))

I know you'll fit in just fine in the UK. Check out Chevening scholarships!