Monday, January 10, 2011

Testicle Festival

Disclaimer: this is what Greg wanted me to title the blog post. I take no responsibility.

So this is an outfit I put together in the H&M dressing room, and knew I had to wear it come Monday. That's how I work. So yes, I'm a little bit addicted to H&M. Just a little! Only a tad. Goodbye, all of my paychecks! Good thing I have a savings account for my Comic Con monies, or I'd never save up enough for it.

Also notice I'm wearing a cropped sweater again. A cardigan this time. Branching out! I also just got two new cardis in the mail from UO, so I'm totally set for cardis forever and ever! Until I buy a new one.

I'm wearing: H&M every-flipping-thing, Old Navy striped t-shirt, Target tights.

I think I'm going to look into attending grad school in England. I've been bit by the post-grad education bug, and I really want to be a therapist or counselor. Also one of my dreams has always been to live in England, and Greg says I should do it and not let him be a reason to stay here, so... I'm gonna look into it. I'm scared shitless! But I'm also really excited that I'm allowing myself to look into it. Augh, do you guys have any advice? What do I do?!

Anyway I'm supposed to hurry up because Greg and I need to start season 5 of Dexter, so that's taking precedence now.


gee said...

i think it is a wonderful idea.
you go for it.
i still am thinking about going to grad school..but i wanted to pay almost all my undergrad loans off first.
(with an art degree..i just feel that i would have more opportunities if i had a masters...than without one.)
so i will support you ALL the way!

you look beautiful as ALLLLLLLLWAYS!!!
i adore H&M. sooo much better than forever21.
(i bet you have both stores..and i have neither of sad.)

tell your man..the title was perfect. hahaha..
have a great week love.

Orphaned Apparel said...

I swear I thought this was gonna be about what you wore to the testicle festival. Was thinking "wow, didn't know that existed" and "how the heck do you dress for that?" LOL.

maggeygrace said...

I think the best advice I ever got was that if you're scared of something, always do it. The things you're scared of are always what takes the biggest risk but gives you the biggest gains. You know?? I need to start watching Dexter. I'm convinced. I love your skirt!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

England. The land of all the amazing literature and television shows and music and... I'm getting a little too excited here. Breathe, Amber.

I think that grad school sounds like an amazing idea, especially abroad. With your personality, you'd thrive in England! Just think of all the inspiration waiting for you!

On a lame, superficial note, you look gorgeous. I really like the cropped cardigans on you! I'm so jealous that you have an H&M. We used to have one, but the Nashville flood wiped EVERYTHING out. :/

ps: It's good that you have your priorities straight. Go Dexter!

pps: Testicle Festival would SO be my band name.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

NOTE: The word verification that I had to type in on that last post was "munchin". I thought it was funny. Funny enough to warrant its own comment perhaps?

Note- Again:
This one isn't as cool. It's "snefugau". Sounds like a disease.

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

One; loving the cropped cardi! Two: England?! Meg, go for it!!

Kellie W. said...

You should totally go to England! :D I've been looking into doing an extended study abroad program there in summer 2012 (and hopefully moving there permanently at some point!), so maybe we'll be there at the same time!

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Love this outfit! I'm a big ol' fan of any cropped shirt or sweater, and yours is lovely. And fun fact: one of the first real outfitty outfits I put together was entirely h&m. I bought all of the pieces together in one shopping trip and immediately wore them all together, so don't beat yourself up!
Also, ENGLAND?! So cool! I would love to visit England someday. Good luck with everything! :)

Shaun said...

Please come to England and stalk Benedict with me! I mean . . .

Louise said...

Okay, as soon as the title popped up in my toolbar, I thought, "This must be Meg's blog!"

I love that skirt! I actually saw it when I went to the store, but I didn't feel like buying it. Ughhh dumb.

I say yes to looking into grad school-- Good luck researching!

Christy said...

Going to England would be so exciting! I would just go for it! That would be so crazy.
England would be so lovely.

I agree about loving H&M. This is an outfit I can imagine myself wearing. I really need to invest in new cardigans. I'm seriously realising that many of mine are beginning to get holes....sigh

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

Outofseasonface said...

I have about 4 H&M's around where I work, its absolute torture EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE... ugh. As for grad school, i'm actually doing the same thing, and should hear back from schools in scotland and england about whether or not I got in *crosses fingers* I used a program I learned about before I graduated my undergrad school, they are superrrr helpful with everything from your personal statements and your visa applications. Its! Look into, you won't regret it :)

Jessica said...

Not gonna totally intrigued me with the testicle title. Too funny.

This is cuuuute. You look loverly in blue. And I'm jealous of your abundance of cropped sweaters and cardis.

Props to you for looking into grad school. I recently transferred schools to pursue a major that truly interests me, after years of trying to please other people (my family mostly) instead of myself. And I am really happy with my decision. So good luck with wherever this takes you!

June's Very Own said...

This outfit is so fun! Love your photos. If you wouldn't mind checking out my blog and giving it a follow I'll gladly follow back!

xo sarina

Rai said...

I love h&m tooo <3

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I have a friend who did her masters in England, says it was the best. You really should look into it! I've always dreamed of living in England.
H&M addictions are perfectly fine, it could be worse!
Loving the cardi. And the strange title lol.

Chez said...

Whaat I never knew so many people would like to live in England! But you would LOVE England and England would love you. Definitely go for it, your boyfriend is so lovely to be so supportive about it too. Just think, BBC, Misfits, bigger chance of meeting David Tennant... (even though I haven't). Okay shouldn't big up my home country too much. But if you'd like to know anything about anywhere or need any advice, let me know. If you're looking to go in September, apply soon. is very helpful to look at courses and apply.
And of course your outfit is lovely.
The title reminded me of a question someone asked me once, "If quizzes are quizzical what are tests?" (hehe).

Essay comment over!
xx Chez

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I know a FEW people who went abroad for a semester in college and they loved the experience of different culture and the things they learned in school too and how beautiful it was where they went. Two people I know when to Scotland and a BUNCH went to England and one went to France. I'm sure you'd do great in England but I can understand how that would be so scary to have a whole new experience that you're not used to around new people, places, foods, etc. . .
I think this outfit is beautiful!!!

EevvaStyle said...

Love your skirt!!!!!!!!

Fleur-de-Lis said...

Hey Meg..well, I'm facing the exact same problem about England. I think you really should think wisely and choose with your heart! It really can be a life-changing experience and a great opportunity!
My boyfriend told me the exact same thing that Greg told you :)
Good luck with this and btw, you look adorable!
I've been searching everywhere for a cameo pendant like yours and I just can't find it :( It's SO beautiful!!

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

Woo England! Do it, do it, do it. If anyone needs to live there, it's you.

I too have an H&M obsession. We need some kind of H&M Anonymous meetings. But I do love that skirt.

I am totally starting Season 5 tonight and it better make me feel better about the end of Season 4!

Faith said...

I'm looking into grad school in Canada. It's so nerve wracking, thinking about moving to another country and all the headaches it takes to get all that stuff taken care of...paperwork, visas, job hunting, etc etc etc. BUT, once you're there, settled in, it's all worth it! Good luck!

Amber Blue Bird said...

Greg is rad, it needed to be said

aliboo! said...

love greg's title!
season 5 is amazing!
Supposedly they divorced because michael c hall cheated on jennifer carpenter with julia stiles character! eep!

oh and! i have that old navy striped shirt, i love it.

andand, go to england! its well worth it :)

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

If I let Gavin choose my post titles, they would probably be something like this.

I know nothing about grad school, but I say you go for it! It's better than looking back and wishing you had. And then you should also pay for a ticket for me to come with you, because I gave great advice in this comment.

.Alyspank said...

Do I even need to read the rest of this post? The title is enough to keep me happy for ages. But, alas, I shall press on regardless.

If it's your dream, then go for it! I'd think doing grad school over there would be absolutely incredible if you could find the program for it! You get any responses to your inquiries yet?

Your blog has now given me cropped sweater envy. Just looks so good. You look so good. Go out sometime?

Tell Greg to calm down, I kid.

There's your awkward creep comment for today!


Michal said...

Yay buttons! I love all the buttons. Also, photo #3 is my favorite. I think grad school in England is a fab idea. I've always wanted to live there!

Between Laundry Days said...

Go for it! Follow those dreams, lady!

Oh, and cropped cardigans? Are. the. best.

Anna said...

I adore H&M! I'm slightly addicted myself. I actually purchased the same skirt 2 or 3 weeks ago, I was looking for a few more ways to style it! Thanks!

kelly ann said...

you're going to comic con?!? i want to go so bad. hopefully this year. that would be awesome.

and you should definitely spend some time in england!! i want to live in london for a year, i think it would be amazing.

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