Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Relevant Song Lyric

I totally love my outfit today! Finally an outfit post I can be proud of. Okay not really, I am proud of all my posts, but seriously... I actually liked how all of these photos came out! They're a bit dark, annoyingly, but whatever.

And I actually straightened my hair? When does that even happen? Never, is the answer. Well, occasionally. ...Rarely. It's so much work to do it, and then I end up missing my curls by the end of the day, so I hardly ever straighten my hair. But last night I had the urge, so I did it. I actually really like how it turned out! I didn't realize how long my hair had gotten. I'm so happy, it seems like ages since my hair was this long!

I'm wearing: F21 dress, H&M cardi, Wet Seal belt (came with a crap skirt), Ross boots.

Okay so this dress! Funny story. (Not really that funny; when you hear it you'll be like, "cool story, bro.") When my mom and I were shopping on Christmas Eve, we went to Forever21 and my mom spotted this dress. She liked it a lot, and it was exactly the kind of dress I'd been looking for (floral, 3/4 sleeve, jersey, empire-ish waist), so we both tried it on. Of course, we both ended up loving it so we both got it! I got it in two colors, since it's super versatile and it was super cheap, so we ended up with matching mother/daughter dresses! Super nerdy... but at least we don't live in the same city so there's no chance of us accidentally being caught wearing them on the same day.

Anyway I just want to say I'm totally surprised, in a pleasant way, by all the feedback on my ranty post! The second I posted it I was consumed by anxiety, thinking everybody would think I was just being whingy, but instead I got a million comments of solidarity. Thanks, guys. I'm glad I'm not the only blogger annoyed by spam comments, haha! Not that anybody enjoys them, I'm sure.

Yerp. I'm meeting up with my friend Ashleigh later this evening to get coffee and shop ye olde Urban Outfitters. I'm so excited. I haven't even been to UO since we moved to Portland, wtf? Hopefully I'll find a camel cardigan on sale!!! Crossing my fingers!


Lula said...

The story behind your dress is so sweet! you should post a picture of you two together wearing the same dress! And girl, I agree, UO is THE very best.

gee said...

your hair looks beautiful Meg.
i like it this way and with the curls.
you and your Mom have to do an outfit post together now wearing the dress!!!
i think i have a similar dress like this and i love it.
(mostly bc it has 3/4 sleeves and it hides my sausage arms..eww.)
have fun shopping at UO with your friend. i am so jealous.
i really need to convince the husband to move us to Portland..you guys have the BEST shopping!!!

Heather said...

I love your straight hair, but I love your curly hair too! Hehe. You look super amazing in the pictures too! I love that dress, gotta love F21 steals! Also, super cute story about you and your mom! Funny because I just emailed you a mom story...weird!

So yeah, I just want to borrow some of your clothes. Hah ;)

maggeygrace said...

I LOVE this outfit too! The patter mixing with those boots is PERFECT :) I'm adding it to my favorites!

Anna said...

For starters though I like your hair straight, it's always wonderful to find another curly girly! Also, I adore the print-mixing in this! ANd I just got a similar dress from forever21, floral and empire waist, though with brighter colors. And I must say,I absolutely LOVED your last post! It really just peirced to the truth of things.

Nicole said...

Love. The end.

(and seriously, when did your hair get so long?!?!)

(oh oh and, please straighten it more often, you're gorg! :)

Michal said...

I love this outfit!! The dress is so pretty!! I want a mom/daughter matching outfit post ASAP. hehe

Have fun going to UO! I'm finally taking a trip to Boston this weekend with my cousins & should get to step into a UO for the first time in a looong while. Really hope there's a good sale.

Robyn said...

I linked over to your blog via Amanda's today. I dig your look too, and I like any post that starts with "I love my outfit." So many times I think bloggers are just trying to impress each other and don't just wear what they love.

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

Ah, you know what's even cooler? I tried that exact same dress on when I visited F21 last week! I didn't get it though because it was too short on me. I guess that's mean you're a shorty ;]

But it would have been super cool to be triplets with you and your mom. Just saying.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Cool story, bro.

;) My mom and I have SO MANY matching outfits. She's recently become inspired by lace and florals-- chaching! Unfortionately for me, she's quite a few sizes smaller than me (darn), so we'll buy duplicates a lot!

You look wonderful with your hair straight-- I didn't realize how long it was. I still love you with curls!

Have fun at UO! I've never been in a real-life UO before. I'm afraid to go until I shape up-- nothing would fit me!!!

Best Wishes,
You're a gem,
I am listening
to REM.


Amy/Aprons and A-Lines said...

I think I bought the same dress on Saturday. Very versatile piece and so comfy. Nice styling!

Louise said...

I'm looking for a little floral dress like that! You look just darling, and I think your straightened hair makes you look elegant.

Everyone hates spam, even the spammers! Well, may be not.

The Daily Fashionista said...

Number 1: Your mom is awesome cause she'll even go into a Forever21 with you.
Number 2: You guys wear the same clothes:) Too cute.

Good luck with your camel colored cardigan hunt. I have a light tan cardigan that is my fave! Even if it's missing 3/4 of it's buttons. It's just so fricken versatile!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I absolutely adore this outfit!! And it's so cute that your mom has the same one - I love that!! My mom always used to steal my shoes - I'm glad I don't live with her anymore. I'd go to my closet to grab a pair and they'd be missing. Haha!

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

PLEASE do a mother/daughter outfit post! that would be so epic! and i really love your hair straight. it makes me want to straighten mine, which i haven't done in at least a year! but now i'm curious. you're gorgeous, dahhhling!

.Alyspank said...

Omg. I love thus outfit times infinity!!! Which I suppose that means I love your moms outfit times infinity too! Now you can tell your mom how stylish she is because of you. Haha. I'm totally with everyone else in the thought that there should be a mom/daughter post-- maybe you could do one for mothers day! *jumping the gun- but it's okay!*

Saw on twitter you camel cardigan search wasn't successful :( The one up near Chicago that I normally go to was completely void of that color as well, but did have a lot of rosey pinks and a peach color. Gearing it up for spring, I suppose. Hopefully you find one online! It'd be a very versatile piece.

Your hair looks so much longer in these pictures! It's amazing what straightening can do- still a simple style, but a bold difference! Looks pretty both ways!


Rhitbee said...

I love that dress! It looks great paired with that sweater. I need more floral dresses with a longer sleeve in my closet.

It's so cool that you can buy and wear the same things as your mom - my mom understands my fashion sense but is decidedly too plain to ever actually wear anything that I wear!

I like your hair straight - gives it a total different look I think!

xo Robyn

Rai said...

Your hair is so adorable straightened, though I like it curly too ^_^ you look lovely <3 xx

Shibby said...

I dont straighten my hair very often for the same reason, it's just too much effort for not that much of a gain :)

Love the dress and it's so cute that there's a story behind it!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I tend to at least check out all the blogs that commenters have, but goodness it is annoying to receive ones that say "Hey! Great Pics! Check out my blog!" with a link to their blog. I shrug it off but my husband is always laughing at them saying, "as if they even looked at the pictures, they just want to plug themselves." oh well. It happens. I feel ya on it so much! I LOVE how on twitter you were saying how you would like a guy to wear one of these eye-things (drawing a blank in my memory now as to what they're called. It will come to me after I post this, I'm sure) and here you are with an awesome necklace of one hehe. I love it. The stripes look great on you and so does the straight hair!

Yes yes, Tron Legacy was really neat. I never got the obsession with Blade Runner either at first, but after having to see it so many times I have it practically memorized and like it too. My husband read the book for Blade Runner which is called "Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" and it is his favorite author. The dude also wrote "Minority Report", "Paycheck", and "A Scanner Darkly" too that were made into movies but some of those were just too odd for my liking (loved Minority Report though). I really don't know of any other people who love Blade Runner, so that is nice that your dad loves it too!

Fleur-de-Lis said...

Hi! sorry but I only had time to update now :)
Loved this outfit!! The colors are really great and you look so different and lovely with the hair like that*
Oh, And my mum and I usually love similar things too, and we actually wear almost the same sizes, so sometimes we just share clothes :)

I've just read your last post and I have to agree with you 100%!

EevvaStyle said...

Love this look!

Brittany said...

I discovered your blog a few days ago & let me just say.. you are freaking adorable. Seriously cannot get over it!

Connie T said...

i only just found your blog but it's lovely! cute dress too xx

Annika said...

gorgeous boots! and you have amazing photos :) so pretty


Anonymous said...

I have naturally curly hair too and I just can't be bothered straightening it most of the time! However, it is nice to have it straight every once in awhile! Preferably when someone else does it for me though =]

Also, I am a little in love with your cardigan =]
And your bloggy wog =]

That's not supposed to sound weird... =]

Britty said...

how sweet the dress is cute! love the boots

aliboo! said...

i ahve been on the hunt for all shades of brown cardigans lately! the best is shopping UO online, especially since we dont have one here in Spokane. Online has the best deals and there are always coupon codes! plus free returns yay : )

Between Laundry Days said...

Gah! So so SO cute. The dress, the cardi, the boots. You're lookin' adorable.