Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Character Development

Happy Tuesday, all! There's one good thing about being unemployed, and that's the fact that I don't feel obligated to hate Tuesday like I did when I was working. There's just something about Tuesdays that I highly dislike. It's not Monday, so you're not fresh from the weekend, but it's so early in the week that you can't get excited about Friday yet. Wednesday is nice because it's Hump Day, Thursday is Friday's Friday, and Friday is, well, yeah. Tuesday has nothing going for it. Nothing! Except for cheap ticket Tuesdays at many movie theaters. But that doesn't count. Happy Tuesday anyway!

I'm wearing: Thrifted dress and belt, Target leggings and shoes, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, necklace from Greg.

As promised, an actual outfit post today! I wanted to try to style this dress again, with a more laid-back and bohemian vibe as opposed to the black and white, romantic look I had going before. Also, I'm wearing these shoes out for the first time this summer. I just can't ever come up with an outfit that I like for them. Maybe I just suck at styling heels and wedges; who knows?

So I've been convinced to try Mad Men! (Anne of For People Who Wear Clothes did the convincing, in case you wondered.) I know, let's all jump onto the bandwagon together and high-five, but I was told the characterizations were super well-written, and I am a sucker for well-written characters. Characters are always what make or break a book, show, or movie for me. If a character doesn't grab me, even if the plot is excellent, I'm lost. I just don't like bland characters. Whenever I write, I try hard to focus on character development and dialogue, as well as believable relationships and character traits. Plot, to me, is secondary. How do you all feel about characters versus plot? Is one more important than the other, or do they rely on each other to create a believable and enjoyable story?

That's probably why I've grown to love Fringe so much. The characters of Walter and Peter Bishop really appeal to me, and their father/son relationship is the most interesting part of the show. I mean, yes, two-foot worms popping out of people's mouths is also exciting, but what keeps me watching is the development of Walter's character, and his hilarious dialogue and eccentric personality. He's one of my favorite characters in a show right now (others include Eric Northman, Maurice Moss, and John Watson), and unlike some "crazy" characters, his eccentricities don't seem forced or overly repetitive as a means to force comic relief. Yes, he is one of the only really funny things about the show, but it doesn't seem contrived or awkward to me. His character is truly believable, sympathetic, and genuine.

So now I've gone on a ramble about characters in TV shows on my style blog. Let's try to tie it all together somehow. Hmm. I suppose I can just say that, on my blog, I am almost like a character to my non-RL readers. The only things they know about me are what I write on here. So I try to keep it interesting, but also real. Because I am real, and I don't want to put on a farce to keep people reading. Perhaps this is what draws us to certain blogs; not so much the clothes, or the photos, but the personality behind those things. I like to think this is true in my case, but I really am a sucker for pretty pictures...


Kate Maggie said...

This post made me laugh. I hate Tuesdays. Seriously..they really do have nothing going for them. And even when I do go to the movie theatres, I get bummed because a dollar off a ticket isnt that much of a deal. Bummer! You look gorgeous..this dress is beautiful. I have a thing for white dresses and brown belts. You are rocking this perfectly. x

elbee said...

Hmmm, I might have to go to Target and search out these wedges. They are really cute!

Amber Rose said...

Best post I've read all day-- Tuesday's got nothing going for it!
And I love reading what you say because your personality really does shine through!

Amber Rose

Heather said...

Hi I'm a new follower and just wanted to tell you how much I love your style :)

Amanda said...

I love your outfit...this is exactly how I want to look once the weather gets cooler!

Ugh, aren't Tuesdays horrible? Bleh. Movie tickets weren't cheap today either...$9.75! Ridiculous

Caitlyn, Bees with Feathers said...

Oh my goodness I love this dress sooo much. You look stunning!

Funny thing about Tuesdays is I don't really hate thems so much. Ever since Brian and I were together I have had Tuesday's off as has he. It's been our day to spend time together and for that Tuesdays always have a special place in my heart!

Estefany said...

Your dress is pretty, I like how you styled them both ways!

Oh my, Tuesdays are actually pretty cool days for me. I hate Mondays though, but then again who doesn't right?

L said...

omg your blog is too cute!
your outfit makes me long for hot summer days, but noo
its almost negative degrees where I live right now, ughh!
follow? I think I should :)

we'll exhange links:

Anonymous said...

New follower ! I love love love your outfit it is too adorable :)


Helen said...

I hate Tuesdays too. With a passion.

Your blog is one of my favourites, and I think that's because your personality really does shine through. I'm a sucker for good character development ;) x

L said...

aww thanks for your comment on my blog!
did you end up following though?


TristanEmma said...

Adorable shoes, can't believe they're Target! Such a pretty dress, the belt is the perfect touch!



Thrive on Novelty said...

Gorgeous outfit! you look great xx

amanda lynn? said...

I love this outfit, like all your outfits. And I agree that part of the reason why other blogs are more appealing then some os personality. Well that along with other things of course but that is why i love your blog =]

Nikki said...

I love Fringe. Just wait to you get to later seasons. It keeps getting better. Walter is my favorite character. And Astrid.

Also, we commonly refer to Tuesday as "Crap Day" here in the office. :)

Diane said...

I am in complete agreement with you on Tuesdays. Tuesday has no feel and it's because of this that I have a peculiar love/hate relationship with it.

sparkle is a color said...

The Tuesday Theory is definitely a real thing. People don't notice how bad Tuesdays are until someone points it out, but it's so true! I was thinking of doing a weekly column on my blog called "Terrible Tuesday". Because Tuesday's ARE usually terrible. :)

Sarah said...

Love this dress. So adorable!
Portland is amazing. What a great city. i loved that it was so much cooler there than here. A definate plus. You should check out the Rose garden and the Japanese garden. Both are wonderful.


Yuka said...

aww your shoes are so cute!

Jana and Vanessa said...

Super cute pictures and a really nice outfit!
Check out our new TV SHOW for MySpace, we are always searching for inspiring styles/looks!
All the best
Midnight Couture Girls

les deux said...

Ah, I LOVE the crochet dress! It's so nice and hippie-esque for Summer, but will be so precious and warm come Autumn. Great look, and interesting theory on characterization. I completely agree.

Les Deux - Katie

Pawi Macarena said...


Britty said...

i really like the dress and you style it so nicely

Lulu and the Locket said...

I completely agree Tuesdays are sucky non-descript days, we don't even have deals on cinemas here on Tuesdays, they're on Wednesdays! I like Fridays best - because you have the anticipation of the weekend but none of the low you get on Saturday night when you realise it's Sunday the next day! Such a cute dress, love love! x

.Alyspank said...

Character is, and always has been first and foremost with my screenwriting. If I can't see the character in my head, the actions they do, and how they would say things... I simply put down my pen until I can get to that point. My friend Paul and I have actually stopped watching movies that some people would consider to be pretty ok just because the characters weren't interesting and captivating.

Don't get me wrong, plot is extremely important too. But the only way the plot line even happens is through the actions and decisions of the characters involved.

Yikes, now I've ranted..... by the way, cute outfit!!

-Weezy from http://beautysimplistic.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I love your crochet lace dress!! it's so cute ^.^

Matchless Vision said...

Your outfit is absolutely adorable.
And I must agree with you on characterization. I am a huge lover of theater and acting and the best part is really delving into the characters. They are so deep and their thoughts and memories are endless. Wonderful post. You've got me hooked as a follower!!