Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cool Story, Bro

Well, hello dearies. How is it on your end? It's pretty jittery and caffeine-filled on mine. Apparently chugging an iced latte after having a very small breakfast and a stress-filled interview isn't the best idea for calming one's nerves. And yet I did it all the same. But how can I resist, with a Starbucks less than a block away, an iced vanilla latte calling my name? I can't. I never can. I did resist Pioneer Place mall, though. Be proud of me! I certainly am.

I'm wearing: Express top, F21 belt and dress worn as skirt, Aldo shoes.

I'm proud of myself for another reason today. I wore a dress as a skirt! I always see people doing this, and it seems so effortless, but let me tell you -- I've tried to wear several of my dresses as skirts, and it never works. It's a conspiracy amongst bloggers to make difficult things look easy. But I pulled it off today, at last! You may recognize this "skirt" as the dress from the other day, which surprisingly serves as a quite comfortable and relatively flattering skirt (until you look at my butt).

I wore this outfit to an interview at a bridal shop in downtown Portland; I felt like since it wasn't an office job, I could make it fun while still nice and put-together. I'm not sure I succeeded, but oh well, I felt confident about my appearance and I figure that's good enough.

Now let me tell you something about my jaunts into the west side of Portland. They are, almost without fail, ridiculous. I arrived on 4th Street with half an hour to spare, but did not find a parking spot for another twenty or so minutes. I still don't really know my way around downtown, so I always just end up driving rather aimlessly, trying to stay in the same relative area as my destination, nervously searching for parking. I'm still too scared to try out a parking garage. I'm afraid I'll do it wrong, back up traffic, and draw hatred from the denizens of the city. No, no parking garages yet for me. Oddly enough I do feel comfortable parallel parking, so I look for Pay to Park spots along the streets. As I drove about today, I ended up by Powell's Books, which is not at all where I needed to be, and drove in confused circles until I ended up a block from where my interview was taking place, with a perfect parking spot (no parallel parking required)! The driving around was annoying, but at least it ended with my finding a good spot. I really need to study a map of downtown so I can be less aimless next time!

Oh god, what, she's telling a story about parking now? Jeez. First television shows, then anxiety meds, and now parking. What the crap is gonna be next, her bowel movements? I imagine this this what you are saying as you read this. Or, "cool story, bro," as Greg would say. He is a meanie.

Guess what else is a meanie? THIS WEATHER. I hate summer I hate it I hate it. The end.


Catherine - The Girl In The Paper Dress said...

I heart picture number three! I to have always wanted to wear a dress as a skirt, but have been unsucessful at every attempt. YOu got it right though, I think I will use a belt next time. And I don't mind random stories, I rambled so much my post today.

The Girl in the Paper Dress

Amber Rose said...

You are so beautiful and dainty and perfect. <3

And I can't do the dresses as skirts thing! It always looks so darn bulky.


And oh, how I wish I could parallel park.

Chaucee said...

I love these pictures! You're so adorable.
Wearing dresses as skirts opens up so many more outfit opportunities, I love when it works out!

X'tian Ou said...

I'm with you, I can't resist Starbucks! You have a really nice blog here, i really enjoy reading it, Def a follower! by the way, I like your red belt and oxfords!

elbee said...

You make the dress-as-skirt look, well, look so effortless. I need to try this out, but I never know what kinds of dresses to wear (sleeveless, non) or how to pair items together. I am so clueless sometimes.

Nicole said...

I'm so impressed at your ability to turn a dress into a skirt! I've yet to pull off a successful conversion.
I actually haven't parallel parked since I got my liscense, so I'm impressed by your parking story as well. And don't worry about your stories, I love reading ramble-y stories :)

Nicole said...

Ok so 3 quick things:

1- My fingers are crossed for you for this job! And my offer to review your resume is still open (just didn't know if you saw that on Twitter - no pressure, really, I won't be insulted lol!)

2- That last photo is GORGEOUS!

3- Did you see this???

It's calling your name!

Ebony said...

Parallel parking? Eep! I never learned how to do that as we have NO parallel parking (or traffic lights, but I can totally rock them HAHA) spots in our little little town.

You look gorgeous Meg, love the last photo the most! :)

Melissa said...

I'm new to your blog and really enjoy it! Hope your interview went well after the parking fiasco. Also, you might hear this frequently from readers, but you definitely remind me of Zooey Deschanel.

Debbie said...

Ha, yeah I've had trouble making dresses into skirts. Some of them will not bend to my will. I have to say that I love your shoes, they are uber cute! I'm crossing my fingers for your job interview :)

Emilie said...

That's a great outfit, I really like your shoes!

Helen said...

That last photo is so lovely. And you totally crack me up. I just cackled at my desk about the bowel movements comment.

My friend lives in Portland and she's funny too. There must be something in the water over there! x

Amanda said...

Ha I think your parking story was funny...parking is a pain in the butt. I think your outfit looks great, can't believe your skirt is a dress!

KVG said...

That belt, those shoes...your hair is gorgeous! Love your photos...

Your blog is always great.

Heather said...

Great job on the dress as a skirt, it looks amazing! I also don't mind your stories, parking or otherwise :)

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