Monday, August 2, 2010


Guys! Guys! I'm here. I'm just busy waking up early, getting unexpected job interviews, and then having panic attacks in the bathroom. Welcome to Crazy Neuroses, population: me. It's okay, though. I lived through the short-notice interview, although I've no idea how I did. It was the oddest interview I've ever had.

Tomorrow, I promise, I will post an outfit. Today, however, you'll have to make do with the above PhotoBooth photo of all of my abundant hair. I'm also working on a book lately, which is distracting me from obsessive blogging.

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That is all. ♥


Kate Maggie said...

Its my first time being to your blog and I am in love! You have such a great layout and you can tell you have such a beautiful personality just from your writing. Excited to see more posts!! x

Amber Rose said...

Hello darling! Wonderful blog-- can't wait to see more. And oh dear-- panic attacks are no fun at all. Hopefully all is well!


Be a dear and stop by my blog, maybe follow as well?

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Good luck on those interviews. I know how it can be (my entire blog was originally dedicated to my lack of grown-up employment at one point).
Also, get the shoes. Trust me!!! I want them in cognac but as I have them in bone I thought it would be overkill. The wedge is SO unnoticeable, they look flat, but also give you enough lift that your legs look really nice (the high heel effect without the hell of a heel). They are also insanely comfy.

Clara said...

amazing blog
love your hair!!

Nicole said...

Hey!! No panic attacks, you did fine I'm sure. And if not, chalk this up to another learning experience :)

Skyline Eyes said...

I really like your hair, I'd love mine to be curly (:

Amanda said...

I'm jealous of your hair! My hair is like that for like an hour, and then when I go outside and sweat in this heat it turns into another monster in itself.

KVG said...

Obsessive blogging or no, your blog is always great!

Estefany said...

I love your header! Its so cute. Oh, and I love your outfit on your previous post. Makes me smile this biiiiiiig =)


Scattered paper cranes said...

I love your style! :) So cute and fun!