Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Goals

I've been seeing this whole "goals for fall" thing going around various blogs, and since I'm not feeling up to taking outfit photos today (it's a boring outfit anyway), I suppose I could come up with some of my own goals for fall.

1. Make pumpkin spice pancakes. SERIOUSLY.

2. Adopt a dog from a local shelter.

3. Get ripped doing P90X! (Or at least get vaguely in shape.)

4. Find the perfect winter coat and buy it, no matter the price (unless it's over $200 okay that's just crazy).

5. Buy a shit-ton of stuff from this site, because omg cheap. Yeah the shipping is ridic but look at all the stuff you could buy in one go! Salivating.

6. Start playing World of Warcraft again. Most people want to quit; I want to start up again. It's a social thing for me!

7. Work on revising my novel. REGULARLY. As in, let's have the second draft done by Christmas, okay Meg? I think you can do that. Easily.

8. Learn new recipes and become good at cooking!

9. Finish the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson (been reading it for ages).

10. Blog daily. HAHA YEAH RIGHT.

Do you guys have any goals for fall? I like having small goals set for myself throughout the year, as it keeps me motivated and excited about life, but it's always helpful to write them down, and a season-by-season list of goals is a good idea, methinks.

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