Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Outfit no. 14

  Dress and jacket: F21, hat: H&M, shoes: c/o GoJane, socks: UO, necklace: market stall in Florence, glasses: Ray-Ban

It's finally getting cold here in Salt Lake City! I think I'm well under-dressed; I nearly froze to death while taking my photos today. My fingers are so icy right now that I'm having a very difficult time typing. At least I have an excuse to make hot cocoa now! Not that I ever needed an excuse. Any time is hot cocoa time.
I originally bought this jacket because it reminded me of Jenna-Louise Coleman's in this photo of her as the new companion. Okay it's not even that similar but I just wanted a utility jacket to wear with cute dresses and cardigans! And I wanted to feel like a companion. I still have dreams about traveling with the Doctor, which is ridiculous, but enjoyable while I'm asleep. One time I drank too much wine and fell asleep while watching Doctor Who, and when Greg came home from work I woke up and said (according to Greg; I remember none of this), "Hi Doctor!" and then proceeded to call everything Doctor. I drunkenly called my phone and my teeth Doctor ("Wait, I need to brush my Doctor..."). This is simultaneously one of the best and worst stories about me ever.

So you guys, have you ever had a hot toddy? I'm suuuuper into them! I kind of regret not getting a tiny hot toddy instead of a shot of whiskey with my free drink voucher when Shaun and I visited Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland. This weekend I'm hoping to make them for Greg and I, even though he doesn't really drink, and will probably not even try them, but HEY it's something cozy to do for fall. Plus my favorite band, Jethro Tull, sings about hot toddies in their song "Fire at Midnight" (technically it's a "golden toddy" but whatever)! Dumb fact: one time I recorded a cover of this song. It was just me singing, and a backing track on my harp. I am the woooorst singer and I have no idea why I thought I needed to do this. Thank god I lost the track when my old Dell killed itself years ago. Now nobody can blackmail me with it.

Lastly, I've been meaning to share this amazing video here on my blog because I need to know how much everyone else loves it! If you're a Game of Thrones fan you've probably already seen it, but every time I hear Maroon 5's "Payphone" on the radio I sing these lyrics over Adam Levine. I am horrible... y awesome.

ISN'T IT THE BEST? You guys I can't wait til the spring when we get more Game of Thrones action! It's my favorite show right now and I'm still grieving the end of season 2. And before you ask, no I haven't read all the books. I know, I'm a terrible geek, but I was never really bothered until the show came out, and now I love the show so much that I'm a bit worried the books will spoil it. And also I'm just really lazy and don't have time for a billion long books that are not even finished and seem to get worse as they go (according to the internet?). Plus GRRM doesn't write as well as Patrick Rothfuss, JUST SAYIN'.

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