Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Outfit no. 10

Skirt, cardi, and top: Primark; shoes: ASOS; necklace: Topshop; glasses: Ray-Ban.

Occasionally I get people asking where my glasses are from, so I will start listing them in every post I guess. Really I think it's silly to list them as I wear them every day and they're prescription, from LensCrafters, but hey. If you want them, they're Ray-Ban! Proper hipster glasses.

Turns out when I try to take outfit photos right after I get home from work, my face is all pink and puffy from being in the stuffy car and I look suuuuper tired and all my makeup has worn off. You can totally tell I just worked for 6 hours. Bah! I guess I will have to start touching up my makeup before taking photos, which to me feels like cheating but MEHHH.

 Not the most exciting outfit; I had to throw it together this morning in the freezing cold so I just matched black with black, and then put on this super cozy cardigan because it was on the floor nearby. I'm gonna have to start pre-planning my outfits or the quality of my sartorial posts is going to decline severely! And I hope you'll forgive me; my camera's battery died halfway through taking photos and I can't be arsed to find the charger right now, so not many pics of my gurning face. Soz.

I do like my job though! It's just what I need -- something repetitive to do all day so my brain isn't fried by the time I get home and want to write. Hurray!

One day I'll make a post where I don't just apologize the whole time.

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