Friday, October 19, 2012

Outfit no. 16

Dress: eBay, cardi: Primark, scarf: Buffalo Exchange, shoes: ASOS, necklace: River Island (gift), earrings: H&M, glasses: Ray-Ban

I have that stupid song "Some Nights" by Fun. stuck in my head. Every bloody time I turn on the radio, it's on! I can't escape it! And can somebody please tell me what it's about anyway? Him lying in bed feeling shitty and then gazing into his nephew's eyes... and God? I don't understand and it gets stuck in my head and I am just so annoyed by you, Fun. Why is there a period after the band's name, also. It creates a confusing grammar milieu. :'(

I feel a bit too twee in this outfit, which is silly as it isn't that twee. It's still more in line with what I would have worn a year ago before I moved to London, and I'm not quite as comfortable in that Portland hipster style anymore. There's something about girls' styles in London that's a bit more grungy, a bit punk and a bit darker, and I'm completely obsessed with it. I'm totally over all things cute and adorable. No thanks, ModCloth; I don't want to bake cupcakes while wearing a flirty frock and watching New Girl. I will watch New Girl in some other kind of frock, thanks. I mean I love the look of the whole vintage/girly thing that so many style bloggers do, it's quite pretty! But I don't think it's me anymore, if it ever was.

Aaand so I guess I need to replace all my Zooey-esque dresses with something more ~dark~ and ~edgy~. I hate the word edgy and I don't know why I just used it.

It's Friday! And Greg and I are going to Ikea tomorrow to FINALLY get some furnishings and decorations for our gigantic apartment! Well excited! I can't wait to get our apartment all cozy at last so I can take photos for my mom (as I know she is so curious to see our apartment, right mom??). x

And lastly, this facial expression happens when young children are playing with their skateboards REALLY LOUDLY just below the balcony (I really hate kids):

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