Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Outfit no. 17

Everything: Primark, socks: UO, shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, glasses: Ray-Ban, necklace: Topshop.

This is my "oh god it's so cold and what the hell am I even wearing" face. We were told to dress in business casual this week at work, as the CEO and other such people are hovering about in the office, but I am not what you would call familiar with the term "business casual." I have been asked to wear it before and I probably just wore a dress and called it good (aka I didn't do anything differently). According to today's outfit however, it seems I took "business casual" to mean "granny on crack," and not in a good way.

Sigh, oh well. We all make fashion mistakes. Remind me never to wear these shoes again; they hurt like hell and they go with nothing. NOTHING I SAY. Neither does this skirt, incidentally. Except for solid colors and neon. That's all I can work out for this skirt. And this shirt goes with nothing either, so naturally I put them all together?? :|

And wow, it is proper cold outside! I'm loving it! I just wish we were allowed to wear hats in the office. I get so cold at work! Is it a requirement of every office building to have the AC on year 'round? It makes no sense and it hinders my productivity. Not really but. It's dumb sitting at my desk with my winter coat, a scarf, and gloves on.

My priest is level 89 and I'm well excited to start healing heroics! I haven't really healed at all this expansion, so there will be a bit of a learning curve I expect. Cataclysm totally changed the nature of holy priest heals, but I don't think this one is quite as drastic. Still, excited to learn the new rotation, and become a leet healer as per! It's my favorite thing to do in any game -- DPS is so boring, and tanking is the hardest. If you don't play MMOs I'm sorry this paragraph is the worst and you probably don't understand it. Just know that it's really boring.

Loving the new Shiny Toy Guns album! If you haven't heard it, really you ought. There's one song on there that I can't stand, because it sounds like '80s easy listening and not in a good way, but the rest are ace! Here's one of them!

I love it so much! If you like sort of electronic/pop music you will likely enjoy this album, so check it out. So many good albums have come out this fall! Anyone know if the new Muse one is out yet? x

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