Friday, October 12, 2012

Outfit no. 12

BASICALLY EVERYTHING: Primark, blazer: River Island, shoes: c/o GoJane, glasses: Ray-Ban.

It's Friday! It's my first ~real~ Friday in over a year! I'm pretty sure Fridays don't count if you're not getting up and going to work every day all week. Right? Either way, it's absolutely necessary that one treat oneself on one's first Friday by procuring raspberry beer and pumpkin muffin mix. Utterly necessary. So there was a pit stop at Smith's on the way home, and my evening is sorted! Beer, pumpkin muffins, and World of Warcraft. Life is good.

I might be more than a little obsessed with my outfit today, especially the shoes! GoJane were generous enough to send me these uh-maaaazing studded sneaker wedges, and I'm genuinely really glad I ended up with them. Originally I'd picked out a pair of western-style booties with a tassel side zipper but they were sold out in my size. However I think these sneakers are far more suited to where my style is going lately. I might just be a new wedge sneaker convert... don't be surprised if more of these show up here; they're so comfy and badass! I'm smitten.

In other news, my friend Claudia has expressed her dismay at my lack of writing-related posts lately. I think she's actually quite right -- I should be updating the world with really exciting information about my novel-in-progress! Okay maybe only Claudia, Lucy, and I would find that at all interesting, but I'm going to do it anyway! Writing helps me to sort out my thoughts, and I've had a lot of conflicting thoughts lately about my novel. So I'll hopefully be making posts about that as well in the near future.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! x

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