Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Outfit no. 21

Dress, necklace, and jacket: F21; sweater vest: H&M (gift from Mom ages ago); shoes: c/o GoJane, earrings: Primark, glasses: Ray-Ban

Running out of things to wear! You've all seen these shoes far too many times, and I reckon I need a few more tacky, shiny medallion necklaces so you don't get burnt out on this one. Being a style blogger is srs bzns, guys.

Once I get the, count them: seven packages I'm waiting for now, I will have more things to wear! But until then, if they ever get here, I'll be recycling the same things I brought over from London. At least the shopping in the UK is amazing!

I've been having a hard time of it here in Utah. Some days I feel really happy, like everything in life is Great and Wonderful and Fun, and other days I feel as though the world is a pile of ass and nothing could possibly make me happy (aside from Greg hugs, let's be honest). It's so frustrating, because I just want my moods to be consistent at least. I feel like I'm actually going crazy sometimes. If I'm honest I think I'm just really lonely here without any close friends. I have Greg of course, but boyfriends aren't the same as girlfriends and I'm sure you'll agree. I can't just say, "Hey Greg! When you're finished with that game of LoL, wanna go get a latte and wander around Fashion Place Mall?" I mean... I can, but he would stare at me for a moment, blink, and reply, "Do I have to?" He'd probably even go, if I asked, because he knows how lonely I've been. But being Greg he would drag his feet and moan the whole time. Which is fine, of course -- lattes and mall-wandering is for girlfriends! So I'm feeling deprived of most of the things I like to do, which are 1) drink lattes with girls and 2) spend hours wandering around a shopping center.

Luckily there are a few really sweet, awesome girls within Greg's extended friend group, so I dragged a couple of them to sushi with me last Saturday, which was fun. So it's not as though I have no friend prospects. But in London I had Shaun, with whom I had tons of stuff in common (mostly fandom though, let's be honest), and later Lucy, who is basically my writing soulmate. And then my two best friends, Rose and Ashleigh, lived in Portland with me. Now I'm suddenly alone, and it's hard. How do introverted girls make friends in a strange city?

Okay, enough whining! I really am feeling sorry for myself too often. It's hard, and lonely, and different, but it will get better. I just have to remind myself of that whenever I feel particularly low. And, I always have the new year to look forward to! Greg and I are going to adopt a dog once the holidays are over. I seriously can't wait! Dogs make everything better.

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