Friday, October 5, 2012

Meg's Life Update

There was a point today at which I thought, in my delusion, that I'd have time and energy for outfit photos. It was not to be. Greg had the day off so we spent the day running errands and cleaning our old apartment. SUPER FUN and by super fun I mean really exhausting, and not very fun. But I did set up a bank account at a real bank so I could finally deposit my last paycheck from London. AND! We bought everything I need for pumpkin spice pancakes, so that is definitely happening tomorrow morning.

This is a pic Greg took of me a few moments ago (iPhone cameras woo! He still managed to get the focus off though...). We're hanging out in the study in our new apartment. I call it the study because it sounds cool, but really it's the computer room. This is my ~writing chair~, aka the chair I sit in so I can be close to Greg while he's gaming and I'm on my laptop. I have written in this chair once, though, so the name isn't a total lie.

I'm well excited because tomorrow we're going to Oktoberfest! I guess it's up in the mountains somewhere, and if beer and pretzels are involved, I'll be satisfied. I didn't realize how much I liked beer, and drinking beer with meals, and having pubs all over the place (and girl friends with whom to visit the pub), until moving to Utah. I miss England's ridiculous boozy culture, and even more so Portland's. I'm hoping I'll find some hipstery bars in Salt Lake before too long; I can't wait to carve my own little niche here in a new city.

So life is pretty good, but I'm ready for things to settle down and even out. Once I start my new job and we're able to hit up Ikea for some things for the apartment, I'll feel better about life. Our place is super sparse at the moment, and funds are tight, but not for too long!

How about you guys? Do you have any awesome plans for the weekend? x

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