Monday, October 29, 2012

Outfit no. 20

Dress: Camden Market, cardi (which you can't really see): H&M, blazer and boots: River Island, necklace: gift from Shaun, glasses: Ray-Ban

I wore pretty much this exact thing to Oktoberfest a few weeks ago. I'm sure the tights were different though. And my necklace. Otherwise, exactly the same. I don't have a rule about not wearing the same outfit twice -- that would be pointless and silly (not that my entire life doesn't revolve around pointless and silly things) -- but I will definitely not post photos of the same outfit twice on my blog. That would be silly! 

Anyway, I love this dress I got at the Camden Market in London. It was near the end of the day and the stalls were all beginning to pack up for the evening, so the guy gave me a discount! It was normally £20 and I got it for £14. A pretty good deal, considering ModCloth used to have (as far as I could tell) the exact same one in red for like a million dollars more. Those markets around London have some pretty cute stuff if you ask me! One of my rings, which I wear every day, I also got from the Camden Market. It's one of my favorite places in London. Good for a nice wander 'round.

Shaun got me this amazing Sherlock Holmes cameo necklace for Christmas last year! I love it so much. Subtle fandomy things are my favorite fandomy things. Although I will really go for any kind of fandomy thing.

It's fitting that everything in my outfit I got in the UK, as I've been feeling super nostalgic about London today. I listened to Florence + the Machine's Ceremonials and Lights's Siberia at work today, both of which came out the month after I moved to London, and I used to listen to them all the time, over and over. I'd wander around rainy Uxbridge and feel ridiculously melancholy, missing Greg and Portland and all my friends. But when I hear those albums now I remember those moments vividly, and I miss them. It wasn't fun feeling so lonely and being so scared in a new country, but it was such a learning experience -- I would never trade it for the world. Here's my favorite song from Siberia, which I'd listen to on repeat all the time! It reminds me of rain, red London buses, Brunel, St Paul's cathedral, vanilla Lattes at Rococo Cafe, urban foxes, ginger nuts, and the London Underground.

I feel like I can probably document all the important stages of my life by albums, artists, or playlists. I know I'm not the only one. What music resonates with particular moments in life for you? What's it like listening to those songs years later, when all the memories come flooding back? I think listening to music that reminds me of vivid moments in time is one of my favorite things to do. But it makes me melancholy. Not that that's a bad thing.

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Sara said...

If I ever go to London, visit Camden Market, got it. You look adorable! I love the coat, cozy!